Trip to America: 6 ideas for holidays

The truth sounds like this – don't believe everything you've heard about the US until you've seen it with your own eyes. There are vibrant cities, beaches with palm trees, mountains for hiking or ski slopes (leave mulled wine for Switzerland), lakes, and even alien canyons…

Imagine: you have selected the “shuffle” function in a playlist with tracks by Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Imagine Dragons and Kanye West – oops, they are all different. Traveling around the USA is just like that – everything is different, and each state provides a lot of opportunities to experience new emotions, yourself and friends. 

And in summer it is definitely not worse than in winter.&nbsp ;

We have compiled a list of places to visit this summer. 

The choice is yours – nightlife, beach holidays, hiking, gastronomic delights, surfing, wildlife, museums, galleries, concerts, your dream trip is closer than you think.

Exploring the Wild Wild West

Saloons, wide-brimmed hats, tumbleweeds…

If you love that Clint Eastwood movie vibe, or don't mind immersing yourself in a historical experience, the Wild West is for you. You can visit the cities of the Old West where cowboys lived and died and feel the era that shaped them. 

A trip to America: 6 vacation ideas

Arizona and its red deserts

Here are three places to include in your vacation plan if you're into the Wild, Wild West:

Oatman, State Arizona. One of the largest gold-mining cities of the 1800s, Oatman doesn't take much imagination to imagine in the days of the Wild West. Wild donkeys roaming the dusty streets, shops with old wooden porches, and the daily Ghost Rider shooting show will take you on a journey through time.

Dodge City, Kansas. Once infamous as America's wildest and most profane place, swarming with saloons and outlaws, Dodge City has a lot to offer if you crave a cinematic vibe. You can see what it looked like at the Boot Hill Museum, where visitors can walk along a replica of the city's main street and even have a couple of beers at the infamous Long Branch Saloon. 

Deadwood, South Dakota. Ten to one, what you've heard about the most famous residents of Deadwood – Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok. How about visiting their real graves at Mount Moriah Cemetery? Realizable fun in Deadwood. And after the cemetery, we advise you to go to one of the old museums (for example, the Adams Museum) or look for gold in the Lost Boot Mine. The city has a vintage trolleybus (an alternative for those who avoid long walks) and lots and lots of casinos.

Charging batteries in Yellowstone and Grand Teton

Love to explore the great nature? Yellowstone National Park will not disappoint you. Amazing wonders of nature are collected on its territory. 

A trip to America: 6 vacation ideas

Hot springs in Yellowstone

More than eight thousand square kilometers of unspoilt ecosystems abound with places that inspire awe. Here are the best ones you should definitely see:

The Grand Prismatic Spring. One of the largest hot springs in the world, the Grand Prismatic Spring enchants with its iridescent waters: azure, red, green, yellow and orange.

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. The 300-meter-deep canyon is Yellowstone's favorite hiking destination. Beautiful colors and gorgeous rock formations make it one of the most photographed places.

Old Faithful Geyser. The most famous of Yellowstone's 500 geysers, Old Faithful erupts every ninety minutes, meaning you're more likely to see it in action. Its eruptions are really amazing, their average height is about forty meters.

It is worth remembering that Yellowstone is an extremely popular holiday destination, and if you prefer comfort and hotel accommodation, you need to take care of booking in advance, probably six months before the start of the season. By the way, campsites also need to be booked before the trip.

Grand Teton National Park is located just sixteen kilometers south of Yellowstone, so it would be a mistake not to visit it, especially if you love mountain views. Grand Teton has beautiful waterfalls and lakes where you can go canoeing or kayaking. You can also visit the Mormon Row Historic District, where Mormons from Salt Lake City settled in 1890.

Enjoying 20 hours of daylight in Alaska

Looking for holiday ideas in the US that go beyond the usual? Alaska definitely deserves to be included in the list of the best states to visit in the summer. 

Trip to America: 6 Vacation Ideas

Mountain peaks of Alaska

In Alaska There is one unique feature that no other US state has – a long daylight hours. Just imagine: on June 21, the longest day of the year, in Anchorage it is daylight at 19 hours, and in Fairbanks – as much as 22 hours. 

Long days allow you to schedule many activities for the middle of the night, like hiking or baseball, and even see the midnight sun. 

If you go to Alaska at the end of August, you can see the northern lights. 

Opening the east coast

Usually everyone wants to see the west coast. This is a must-see for most travelers. In fact, there are also many interesting places in the eastern United States – there are golden beaches, hiking, yachting. 

Trip to America: 6 Vacation Ideas

Florida Beach Line

Here some of the best summer vacation spots in the US that you can visit without traveling far inland:

Acadia National Park, Maine. One of the most beautiful national parks in the US, its soaring mountains, rocky shores, and endless ocean stretching to the horizon make it the perfect place for hiking. Enjoy mild summer weather with cool ocean breezes and watch the sun rise from the top of Cadillac Mountain. 

Palm Beach, Florida. Palm Beach is home to some of the most manicured beaches, iconic resorts, and historic landmarks, so there's no doubt why it's one of the most popular summer destinations in the US. Go there for the sunsets and feel free to post them every day on social media. 

Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire. This incredibly picturesque lake is especially popular with water sports enthusiasts. You can bring your own boat or rent one and enjoy a variety of activities such as kayaking, swimming and jet skiing. In addition, there are magnificent mountains nearby, ideal for hiking.

New York. When it comes to rest on the East coast, then New York is what you need. This vibrant city boasts many iconic sites such as the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Ellis Island, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, the cliff top observation deck, the American Museum of Natural History and many more. Not to mention, New York City offers endless opportunities for shopping, dining and entertainment.

Washington DC. When traveling around the United States, you can stop by the capital for at least a couple of days to see the rich history and culture of Washington. There may be fewer parks and museums here than in New York, but there is the White House, the US Capitol, the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial.

Catching our luck in Vegas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Exactly.

Spending a couple of days in this city filled with neon and casinos is the best way to escape your everyday routine and try to live your best life at a fast pace. And maybe even get married like in Friends.

Trip to America: 6 Vacation Ideas

Las Vegas Casino

While Las Vegas has a reputation for 24/7 partying and gambling, it has so much more to offer. And then the next morning you can go on a day trip through the picturesque Grand Canyon or take a spectacular helicopter flight over the shimmering Sin City at night. 

Would you like to visit the museum? Las Vegas has a great offer for you: enjoy spectacular shows, luxury resorts and Michelin-rated restaurants. We advise you to check the poster of events, because this is where you can unexpectedly find yourself on a Beyoncé or Britney Spears show.

Listen the music of Niagara Falls

The impressive Niagara Falls are definitely best visited in the summer. Some of the waterfalls are located in Canada.

Trip to America: 6 Vacation Ideas

Niagara Falls

In fact, Niagara Falls is made up of three waterfalls: Horseshoe Falls, American Falls, and Bridle Vale Falls, the latter two being in the United States. The sights and roar of Niagara Falls are hard to put into words. 

To turn your visit into a real adventure, take a boat cruise and the Cave of the Winds tour.

The list of US attractions is endless. Travelers usually choose either the east or west coast, but feel free to mix – the north and south deserve no less attention, and planes and trains run all over the country. 

And summer is a time to dream, in including places you've never been before.

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