Treatment in a sanatorium in Serbia: at home, but not cheap

Treatment in a sanatorium in Serbia: according to -homemade, but not cheap reader Elena wanted to relax in a sanatorium in Belarus, but … she was afraid. “I won’t tell you exactly what we were afraid of, but we decided that in Serbia we would now be calmer. Perhaps I wanted to avoid discussions of politics, news, ”says the tourist.

As a result, they flew to the sunny Balkan country – and were delighted. I must say that Elena has already been to Serbia before – with a sightseeing tour. “Both the atmosphere and mood during the trip were indescribable. Serbs are very open, hospitable people. They are also not fools to talk about politics, but this is not a priority for them, they love life very much.” This channel you don want­t to mute. Good articles, full news and  #tourist bear!

Tour and airfare

Treatment, accommodation and meals cost 690 EUR for 8 days for two. This price also included a private transfer from the airport and back. I advise you to take a transfer right away, on the spot a taxi to Belgrade costs about 100 EUR. In general, a taxi (intercity) is expensive here. It is better to change money for small expenses to dinars, in euros they offer a very unfavorable exchange rate at the time of purchase.

We took the air tickets separately ourselves: we found out the free dates in advance, booked the hotel and then bought the tickets. Information on the departure time was sent to our manager at the agency. Flights from Moscow were very expensive, from 60 thousand rubles per person, so we bought tickets with a departure from Pulkovo. We received a nice bonus in the form of a walk around St. Petersburg on the way back.

Serbs are also not fools to talk about politics, but this is not a priority for them, they love life very much.1/1

Communication and treatment

Merku Medical Spa is located in the picturesque town of Vrnjacka Banja, in the very center of it. Check-in at 12:00, check-out at 10:00, but upon departure, we were left without any problems until 15:00 and did not take any additional payments. Very attentive staff, professional doctors, there is a Russian-speaking girl Julia, she will help, tell you. She is married to a Serbian and told many stories about life in Serbia.

Doctors and medical staff are Serbs, but we didn’t have any language barrier, we spoke in Russian, they spoke Serbian with us, they asked incomprehensible moments. Many words in our languages ​​are very similar, but have a completely different meaning, there were several funny moments, but usually they are aware of such words, they just joke around.

The funniest thing: milking – breasts, vilyushka and porridge – fork and spoon, swearing ezik – mother tongue, diarrhea – pride. Everyone already knows the advertisement for water “Prince Milos”: “The prince is not water, it is our pride.” See the picture :) We liked to go to the library and read books in Serbian very much, the works familiar to us sound especially interesting. In general, the lack of entertainment can be compensated by going to the library or chatting with the locals.

We went through a program for the treatment of diabetes, Vrnjacka Banja is the best resort for these purposes, the composition of the water here is really unique. A little shabby rooms, but everything is clean, everything is in order. It can be seen that the resort is quite old, but people are clearly trying and maintaining order on their own.

Another of the minor shortcomings is the lack of sockets, the absence of a refrigerator in the room. The dining room is quite small, it would be necessary to separate people by visiting hours, it would be more convenient. Often we had to sit at the same table for four with strangers.

What you watched

There are a lot of excursions, but we only had time to visit Belgrade and its surroundings on the day of arrival and departure, several fortresses, historical districts. Many museums did not have time, although they really wanted to visit. We had a rather busy treatment schedule, and for excursions, I think you need to visit this country separately, there are a huge number of attractions and natural beauties.

My dream is to go on a cruise on the Danube in August. Pleasure is not cheap, but it is definitely worth it! There were a lot of brochures and guides in the room, it was just eye-opening!

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