Traveling by motorhome: how to explore Iceland cheaply and without restrictions

The most unusual and fun way to get around the whole island – This is a motorhome trip. The trailer can be considered a full-fledged home. Up to 8 people can live in it at the same time, while each will have a full bed.

Also, each motorhome is equipped with a shower and toilet, water for which is collected at special stations. And, of course, each trailer has a kitchen with a fridge and hotplates. Thanks to electricity, you can charge your cameras endlessly, and some guides even provide their group with Wi-Fi for the duration of the trip.

Travel to motorhome: how to explore Iceland cheaply and without restrictions

How it all began

— Could you please tell us why you chose this format for your author's tour?

— I have been driving trailers in Iceland for 3 years now and have never regretted my choice. Motorhomes outperform regular hotels with travel time savings and simple logistics. You can do without check-ins after lunch, rushing before the end of registration, adjusting the route and other stories. Everything is simple – one house for the entire trip.

It is convenient that things are stored in one place. For example, if you get wet at the waterfall (and it doesn’t happen otherwise), then you can easily change clothes for dry ones right on the spot. In a mobile home, it will dry faster than folded in a backpack until the evening.

Food while traveling

— How do you eat on a trip?

— Breakfasts, lunches and dinners in a motorhome turn into a real holiday. In a harsh cold country, you always have access to:

  • hot water,
  • tiles,
  • refrigerator,
  • other the blessings of civilization.

For example, I always have a barbecue set with me, and on the menu:

  • salmon,
  • local lamb,
  • other goodies.

Each machine buys its own food, and everyone cooks in turn. Sometimes we have small snacks with sandwiches with lightly salted salmon and tea, no dry rations.

Travel to motorhome: how to explore Iceland cheaply and without restrictions islandiju-djoshevo-i-bez-ogranichenij-f11b8d6.jpg

Dating and chatting

< p>— Sounds very cool! And is everyone comfortable sharing life with strangers?

— People – this is, in principle, the most important thing on a trip, they create the right atmosphere. A tour – this is most often not one motorhome, so at campsites we all park together, create comfort. For example, I always arrange an acquaintance evening, which always develops into long heart-to-heart talks.

Imagine that you live together, sleep, eat, rest 24/7. Of course, you become a friendly company by the end of the trip, because together you share not only life, but also the most vivid impressions.

— And does this order of life in a motorhome suit everyone?

— Oddly enough, yes. Thanks to an unusual direction and a specific way of transportation, only like-minded people are attracted to us. If you're single, you'll just make new friends. If you are traveling with a group, then you live together as one. Even with children join the tour, because for young families the motorhome is the most comfortable way.

Savings and benefits

— Many people think that it is more economical to rent a car and sleep in tents or hostels. Is that true?

— Not really. Tents, for example, in Iceland, except for June-July, – generally a controversial thing because of the wind and dampness. And you can spend the night only in special campsites, where a night costs 10-20 € and where you even have to pay extra for a shower.

Renting a car starts from 50 € per day without insurance. Plus gasoline, the same campsites, gas. To rent a car, you need an international driving license, which can also be added to the amount.

Cooking your own is obviously cheaper than dining at local cafes, even at gas stations. On average, the entire trip of 8 days takes 100 € per person, which by the standards of Iceland is simply unrealistic budget. Good guides know where and what to buy to make it profitable.

You also need to understand that a person who comes for the first time will not be able to see what we will show him on the same route! We have collected worthy places for years, so this trip is worth it.

Motorhome travel: how to explore Iceland cheaply and without limits

Travel to motorhome: how to explore Iceland cheaply and without restrictions

Motorhome travel: how to explore Iceland cheaply and without limits

< p>Travel to motorhome: how to explore Iceland cheaply and without restrictions

— Then tell us why the author's tour is more profitable than an independent trip?

— Main resource – this time. If you go to Iceland on your own, it takes many hours to understand what's what. You spend time at a rental car, trying to sort out gas stations, looking for a campsite.

And when you have a guide with you and you have a ready route, you can just relax and focus on the sensations.

Tip from a travel expert

— Give me some final advice to anyone who is going to visit Iceland, maybe even on a motorhome.

— Security – this is the main thing. Check the traffic situation on the websites every day. Park your car only in specialized campsites and remember that there may not be free places everywhere. And it is important not to forget about strong gusty winds over 15 m/s, which can easily turn over even a motorhome. it’s beautiful and definitely more interesting than the classic program “we took the car, we sleep in a tent.” If you share our enthusiasm, then it's time to book a place in your new home for a trip to Iceland on

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