Travel to Thailand will bounce back by the start of the high season

Travel to Thailand will return to normal by the start of the high season

In the first six months of this year, Thailand received about two million foreign tourists. The country is bouncing back after its tourism industry collapsed due to the pandemic and more than 18 months of sandboxing. and other complex entry requirements.

As of early August 2022, international flight and hotel searches in Thailand were up 164 percent and 111 percent, respectively, compared to the start of the year. All regions of the world are showing positive momentum ahead of the high season in Thailand, which begins in November.

Overall, Asia-Pacific grew by 74 percent compared to the beginning of 2022, Europe, the Middle East and Africa — by 67%, USA and Canada — by 38%, Caribbean — by 27%, Latin and Central America — by 15%.

While a number of uncertainties remain in the tourism industry, these positive numbers demonstrate that Thailand is on track to reach its goal of — generate $65 billion in tourism revenue in 2023, up three million from pre-pandemic 2019.

After the government declared all of Thailand “green” since July, the COVID-19 zone, and businesses, entertainment venues, and tourist attractions have eased or lifted pandemic-related restrictions, overseas tourists have quickly returned.

Based on Thailand resort air travel bookings over the past 60 days, the most the major suppliers of tourists today are:

Thailand — 10.6%;

Singapore — 8.9%;

Korea — 6.5%;

USA — 5.2%;

Great Britain — 4.4%;

India — 4.2%;

Australia — 4.1%;

Germany — 3.8%;

Vietnam — 3.8%;

Japan — 3.0%.

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