Travel to Kabardino-Balkaria: what is worth seeing


Journey to Kabardino-Balkaria: what is worth seeing

Mount Elbrus is the most famous landmark of the republic. The highest point reaches 5642 meters and it looks incredible not only from above, but also at the foot of the mountain. If you are fond of mountaineering, then this is the peak that you want to conquer.

climb to the top of the mountain. Near the climb to Elbrus, a search and rescue team of the Ministry of Emergencies is based, which is attended by groups of climbers and mountain tourists going on an ascent. 

By the way, MTS recently announced the launch of a tourist safety program. Thus, the company provided rescuers with fifty GPS trackers that will help travelers stay in touch with rescuers while climbing Elbrus. Trackers will automatically inform rescuers about an emergency situation, for example, if a tourist deviates from a given route, is motionless for a long time, or presses the SOS button on the device.  

Do not forget that any vacation, even the most extreme one, must be safe.

Prielbrusye National Park

Journey to Kabardino-Balkaria: what is worth seeing

< p>The park will delight you with rich picturesque views – mountain peaks, gorges, incredible waterfalls and healing mineral springs. In addition, you can admire the alpine meadows with numerous medicinal plants. The main part of the park is occupied by coniferous forests, as well as a variety of plants, many of which are listed in the Red Book.

One of the “attractions” of the park is the wild fox named after Mukha, which has become a favorite of tourists and local residents. The fox is used to people and is very friendly, so the tourist has a great opportunity to take interesting shots.

Chateau Erken

Travel to Kabardino-Balkaria: what is worth see

An attraction that will give every tourist the opportunity to visit the Middle Ages. The castle is made in the Romanesque style and surrounded by vineyards, striking in its beauty and grandeur. The entire territory of the castle occupies 2,000 hectares, where 1,000 are vineyards of different varieties.

The castle is located on an island, and you can get to it by a stone bridge. Near the castle there are picturesque forest horizons, and inside there is a tasting room and a restaurant where tourists can taste rare wines and dine.

You can also buy a sightseeing tour and admire the outskirts of the castle from above – there are observation platforms on the castle towers.

Kabardino-Balkar Alpine Reserve

Journey to Kabardino-Balkaria: what is worth seeing

The reserve occupies 13 kilometers of the Bezengi wall mountain range and is the only high-mountain reserve in Europe. The main heights of the northern Caucasus are located on the territory of the reserve, the average height of which is 3910 meters. Half of all glaciers in the region are also located there. For example, the Bezengi glacier is the largest in Europe.

Tourists will appreciate the rich flora and fauna of the reserve. In addition to a variety of plants, you can meet the Caucasian tur, foxes, wild boars, jackals, brown bear cubs and even Caucasian forest cats. But that's not all, in the reserve there are rare species of birds, such as golden eagle, bearded vulture, imperial eagle and others. 

Tract Dzhily-Su

Travel to Kabardino-Balkaria: what is worth see

The main goal of tourists visiting this magical place is health prevention. It is there that there are warm healing springs that can improve health. There are about 20 healing springs on the territory, with an average temperature of + 22-24 degrees. In the largest spring there is a font with bubbling water. The most incredible spring is Silver, it contains 4 mg of silver per liter of water. In addition to medicinal purposes, the tract is full of natural attractions. For example, there are four waterfalls, and the highest of them is the Sultan, 40 meters. It is also worth visiting the Emmanuel glade, which is filled with yellow buttercups and unusual rocks.

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