Top safari in Africa

Safari – this is not just a way to diversify your vacation, it is an ideal activity for those who love animals and who read books about wild and unexplored Africa as a child.

Think about it: you are driving a jeep with binoculars in hand, and the heroes of the cartoon “The Lion King” rush past: the entire African “Big Five”. For your information, it includes:

  • elephant;
  • rhinoceros;
  • buffalo;
  • lion;
  • a leopard.

But besides them, it is easy to see other African animals in the parks: giraffes, antelopes, hyenas, and hippos and crocodiles swim in the water and flamingos wander thoughtfully.

Africa's top safari

What you need for a successful photo hunt

Prepare for a safari properly:

  • put on non-staining body-covering clothing – there will be a lot of dust and sun;
  • charge the camera and put a good zoom lens on it;
  • take binoculars and put on a hat.

You are delightful and ready to search for outlandish animals. They will be long: about 6-12 hours in a shaking jeep, so be sure to take water with you.

When to go on a safari

Depends on the country you choose. If you are going to Tanzania or Kenya, then it is better to be in time before the rainy season, which will flood these parts in April-June. All other months are ideal for a trip.

In the Republic of South Africa, Namibia and Botswana, the tourist season – June-October, when not too hot: 20 to 30 °C.

Africa's top safari

Where and in which parks to look for animals

In Tanzania

National parks of Tanzania – real tourist gems. In the continental part of the country, it is easy to find safaris for every budget: both budget one-day safaris with a boat trip from Zanzibar, and full-fledged expeditions for several days with stops at lodges – equipped bungalows in the middle of the savanna.

Our top 3 places to watch are:

  • Selous
  • Serengeti
  • Ngorongoro

Selous – one of the largest national parks in the world with a unique biodiversity: you will be accompanied by the peculiar singing of 400 species of birds and many giraffes and elephants. People come to the Serengeti to watch the great antelope migration – its peak is in September, and the number of artiodactyls running across the savanna is mesmerizing.

Ngorongoro – this is a special park, because it was formed in the caldera – the crater of a volcano that exploded about 2 billion years ago. Many wild cats live here: from lions to cute, seemingly domestic, but dangerous servals. Look for flamingos and black rhinos in Ngorongoro – this park is ready to offer the best. Ideal place for photo tours.

Africa's Top Safari

In Kenya

The top place in Kenya – national park, or rather, the Masai Mara reserve. It is here that the antelopes from the Serengeti tend to, but in addition to them, in these parts there are all representatives of the “Big Five”. They say that a meeting with leopards is most likely here, and they – very shy big cats.

Another pride of these places – a large population of lions that come very close to cars – therefore, we strongly advise against leaving them.

Top safari in Africa

In Botswana

Chobe National Park – it is a unique combination of three natural areas:

  • river banks
  • bogs
  • plains.

Water safaris in this park will help you see hippos and crocodiles, and on the plains of Botswana you will meet the largest population of elephants in Africa. The park is also pleasant because there are fewer tourists here than in Tanzania or Kenya, so you will feel closer to nature.

Top safari in Africa

In Namibia

The most visited park in Namibia – Etosha, where four members of the Big Five gather around the salt marsh. You will not see buffaloes in these parts, but wildebeests, gazelles and kudu – easy.

Another African endemic can keep them company: the black rhinoceros, which is on the verge of extinction, and there are fewer and fewer chances to meet it.

Top safari in Africa

South Africa

This is not the most “safari” direction – in South Africa, more often they go to explore modern Cape Town and visit the unique point of Africa – Cape of Good Hope. South of it – only Cape Agulhas, but even here there is already an opportunity to see the confluence of two oceans: the Atlantic and the Indian.

Nevertheless, you should not refuse a safari to the Republic of South Africa, since everything is very accessible here. Head to the Kroeger National Park and may luck be with you – all African endemics live in it, you just need to be in the right place at the right time.

Top safari in Africa

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