Top 7 little-known resorts in Egypt, which are worth getting to know better

Top- 7 little-known resorts in Egypt, which are worth getting to know better

Not Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh live Egypt alone. There are more interesting places in this country, and most importantly – not so hyped (read – crowded), where there are still free meters of sand on the beaches, there are more fish on dive sites than people, and the excursion with hotels did not let us down. The best locations are in the “Subtleties” selection.

7. Dahab

Dahab is Sharm el-Sheikh in miniature (they are only 100 km apart). His feature is also diving: the wealth of local reefs is legendary. Not without its own dive attraction – the Blue Hole, diving into which, however, is not always successful. Prices for diving in Dahab are not like Sharmovsky. Well, for those who do not like to dive, we can recommend getting on the board: the conditions for windsurfing are excellent here. /” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Top- 7 little-known resorts in Egypt, which are worth getting to know better


6. Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam is one of the warmest places in Egypt. The resort lies closer to the Tropic of Cancer, so it is hotter here than in Hurghada. But thanks to the cool winds, it is comfortable to rest. One of the advantages of Marsa Alam is the presence of an international airport. Another plus is the stunning natural locations around. 40 km from the resort is the Wadi el-Gimal nature reserve, famous for its rock temple, emerald mines and a large number of camels. At 115 km is the Dolphin House reef, where you can see flocks of these mammals. 30 interesting facts about Egypt that you most likely did not know.

5. Port Ghalib

Port Ghalib is synonymous with luxury. This “man-made oasis”, created in 2009, can be called the Egyptian Monaco: here, too, there are only very expensive hotels, an elegant public, there is a private yacht marina and a pretentious promenade where you can walk designer outfits and luxurious jewelry bought in local boutiques. Beaches aren't Port Ghalib's strong point, but in a five-star hotel's infinity pool, that's easily forgotten.

4. Safaga

A calm democratic resort with excellent beaches, where there are many times fewer vacationers than in neighboring Hurghada. Ideal for a family holiday: accommodation prices are moderate, there are almost no bars and discos, and there is fine sand on the coast. By the way, it is called healing, and it is recommended to come to Safaga for those who suffer from diseases of the skin and the musculoskeletal system. Safaga divers will also like it: 20 km from it lies the Red Reef, striking in its pristine beauty.

< h2>3. Soma Bay

Formally, Soma Bay is part of Hurghada, but in fact it is an independent resort dominated by “five”, including well-known chains. The glory of Soma was brought by the thalassotherapy center at The Cascades hotel – it is one of the three largest in the Middle East. It also houses a magnificent golf club. The list of entertainment is quite impressive: there are diving, and excursions to the quarries, and the fabulous palace of the Thousand and One Nights, and nearby Hurghada (if you want really loud entertainment). Top 10 best hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh according to reviews of tourists vacationing there.

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