Top 6 Places in Argentina: Travel Guide

The list of stereotypes is extensive: Argentinean tango, Argentinean wine, Argentinean football… And it is also the eighth largest country in the world with a unique (true) landscape – from humid subtropical jungle to subantarctic bottom, sparkling with glaciers. 

In addition to stunning landscapes, Argentina has many unforgettable experiences to offer travelers, including outdoor adventures and immersing yourself in the hustle and bustle of vibrant cities. Excellent cuisine, a delightful combination of European culture and laid-back Latin American style – Argentina is called the “most European country” of the continent. 

Grab our Argentina guide and pack your bags. Get ready – you will have to fly far.

Where to go: the best places to visit in Argentina

Argentina has so many tourist attractions thanks to the country's diverse geography and cultural heritage. The history of Argentina knows its ups and downs, and the life of cities is largely determined by the baggage that immigrants brought here.

Tip: plan more than two weeks for a vacation – fly far, there are many interesting places.

What's definitely not to be missed?

 Top 6 places in Argentina: travel guide

Buenos Aires, the capital 

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Buenos Aires

The most visited place in Argentina – Buenos Aires – is undoubtedly one of the most exciting capitals in the world. It is a dynamic, cosmopolitan city with a rich architectural and cultural heritage, vibrant nightlife, unique traditions, excellent cuisine and a vibrant arts scene. The city is really huge: together with the suburbs, about 30% of the population of Argentina lives in Buenos Aires.

In the “Queen of El Plata” (or even the Paris of South America, yes, that's also the name of Buenos Aires) you will never be bored. Even if you get tired of getting to know the city, its vibrant culture and cuisine, it still has a lot to offer you.

Advice: go to football – you still need to look for more emotional fans.  An alternative is to visit the Colon Theatre.

 Top 6 places in Argentina: guide

Not California, but the Pampas


The Pampas are vast plains stretching west across central Argentina from the Atlantic coast to the foothills of the Andes. The breathtaking scenery and cultural and historical heritage of this area make the Pampas one of the most popular holiday destinations in Argentina. It is ideal for nature lovers, gourmets, connoisseurs of culture and history.

Among the main attractions in the Pampas are horseback riding on the wild plains (with a high chance of encountering wild guanacos, foxes and Pampas cats) and exploring the salt marshes of the prairies in the Campos del Tuyu National Park. You should also visit San Antonio de Areco – millions of stories for social networks are guaranteed.

If you love good food, go to Tandil. This is a small town in the southern part of the Pampas, and there order an asado – one of the most authentic asados ​​in Argentina.

Iguazu Falls and Ibera Wetlands

The impressive Iguazu Falls are located along the border of Argentina with Brazil. About 300 individual waterfalls fall down from a height of 80 meters, and this is one of the best photo spots in Argentina. A network of walkways and viewpoints allows visitors to get up close to the thunderous falls, including the majestic Devil's Throat, Iguazu Falls' largest water curtain.

Just a little south of the Iguazu Falls, you'll be able to see another of Argentina's stunning natural wonders, the Ibera Wetlands. Its unique wildlife, floating islands of vegetation, picturesque lagoons and a huge network of lakes will enchant you.

Northwest Argentina

Oh, these Martian landscapes are not what they don't look like. There are many vineyards in the northwest, and many of them are quite famous. 

Catch a list of top-see places in this region:

Salta. This city boasts that same colonial architecture and two of the most impressive churches in Argentina: the Cathedral of Salta and the Iglesia of San Francisco.

Jujuy. In the province of Jujuy, there are literally otherworldly landscapes: Salinas Grandes – the remains of a dried-up lake; Quebrada de Humahuaca is a narrow mountain valley; Cerro de los Siete Colores – a hill consisting of layers of multi-colored stones; and, of course, Pucara de Tilcara, an Inca-era fortification.

Los Cardones National Park. This park is popular for its colorful sierras, dry gorges and huge cacti that thrive in the highland climate.

 Top 6 places in Argentina: guide

Aconcagua volcano and vineyards in the province of Mendoza 


One of the most popular tourist attractions in Argentina is Mendoza. This picturesque province in west-central Argentina has a lot to offer. An ideal place for outdoor activities, since the western part of the region is located in the Andes.

Tip: bring trekking boots, they will come in handy for hiking.

Mendoza is home to Mount Aconcagua, the highest peak on the continent, making the province a popular climbing destination. The region also boasts a large number of hiking trails and long hikes. 

If you love adrenaline, then you will definitely want to go rafting on the Mendoza River. And, of course, your trip to Mendoza is incomplete without getting to know the local wineries – Mendoza belongs to one of the best wine regions in the world.

 Top 6 places in Argentina: travel guide

Snowy peaks of Patagonia

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That same Patagonia is located in the southernmost part of Argentina. There are mountains, deserts, steppes, meadows, lakes and the Atlantic coast. With such a variety of landscapes, it's no surprise that Patagonia boasts many amazing hiking trails.

Ushuaia. The city of Ushuaia is located on the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego, the southernmost part of South America, nicknamed the “end of the world.” It offers travelers plenty of entertainment and stunning scenery.

South Patagonian Icefield. Be sure to make it to the South Patagonian Icefield, the third largest ice cap in the world after Antarctica and Greenland, and the phenomenal Perito Moreno Glacier (the one you saw on TV travel shows). In addition to its impressive size, it is a pleasure to watch – pieces of ice are constantly breaking off and falling into the lake below.

El Calafate. Don't forget to stop by El Calafate, a city located on the shores of Lake Argentino, to photograph flamingos against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains.

Peninsula Valdes. Peninsula Valdes is a Patagonian reserve where you can see fantastic ocean wildlife including whales, sea lions and elephant seals.

Bariloche and the Lake District. This region, much like the European Alps, is one of Argentina's most popular holiday destinations for skiing, hiking, fishing, rock climbing and beautiful scenery dominated by virgin forests and glacier-fed lakes.

Mount Fitz Roy. Known as one of the most difficult peaks to climb, the iconic Fitz Roy is sure to take your breath away.

Cerro Torre. Cerro Torre is another one of the world's most coveted peaks due to its long, pointed shape and challenging technical climbs.

The most exciting things to do in Argentina

If you're more into action than contemplation, even on vacation, grab a “max” list for those who can't sit still and follow it step by step:

  • walk among the penguins

  • kayak among the whales on the Valdes Peninsula

  • go hiking in El Chalten

  • watch the sunrise in Laguna de los Tres

  • go on an expedition to the South Patagonian Icefield

  • drink a cocktail and enjoy views from a rooftop in Buenos Aires

  • take a mini-trek over the Perito Moreno Glacier 

  • fly a helicopter over Tierra del Fuego

  • stop in the Uco Valley in Mendoza and taste the world's best malbec

  • drive the scenic Ruta 40 and take a road trip through the Northwest

  • glamping in the Lake District

  • Go on a safari to the Ibera wetlands and spend the night in a lodge overlooking the Iguazu Falls.

Top 6 places in Argentina: travel guide

Atelier on Camino Street, La Boca, Buenos Aires 

The best time to visit Argentina 

Although the high season starts in mid-September and lasts until mid-April when it's summer in the southern hemisphere, Argentina has something to offer all year round. 

Spring (September-November) 

If you visit in the spring, you will be amazed by the beauty of the Argentine landscape and especially the blooming jacarandas. Spring is a great season to visit Argentina if you want to combine the northern regions and Patagonia in one trip. In addition, spring is the perfect time if you like to participate in traditional holidays.

Summer (December-February)

Summer is the peak season when you can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities in Argentina. It is also the warmest time to visit Patagonia.

Autumn (March-May)

In Argentina, autumn is very colorful, especially in the mountains. Go for beautiful photos. 

Winter (June-August)

Winter  low season in Argentina. July and August are ideal for snow activities in Patagonia.

How to prepare for your trip to Argentina

Before you tour Argentina, make sure you are well prepared. 

List of things to consider:


Argentina is huge and has a very varied climate. Therefore, find out what the weather is like where you plan to go at this time of the year, and bring appropriate clothing with you.


Exchange your currency for pesos in Argentina and always carry cash with you to avoid credit card charges. 

Tip: choose exchangers carefully, because the rate may differ several times. The most favorable conditions are given by unofficial exchangers. 


Make sure you have all the documents you need to enter Argentina and border countries. Apart from the Covid vaccination, no other specific vaccinations are required.

Vegetarian food

If you are a vegetarian, look for vegan places ahead of time or ask the locals for advice. Meat is eaten everywhere in Argentina.


If you are interested in an event or special activity in Argentina, make sure you book your tickets well in advance. You can check the poster on social networks.

Route planning

There may be strikes and delays on flights of airlines serving Argentina, so choose your flights so that there is free space between domestic and international flights time. Also, book all domestic flights in advance as they can be quite expensive or unavailable during high season.

Dazzlingly beautiful and extremely diverse, Argentina will appeal to many, even everyone. The country is beautiful both in terms of culture and in terms of natural unique places.

To span the maximum list,  it is important to plan the route clearly and in detail. At we can tailor an exciting trip to Argentina to suit your expectations and interests. 

Don't stay at home, travel. 

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