TOP 5 best airlines in the world with free Wi-Fi on board

TOP 5 best airlines in the world with free Wi-Fi on board

< p>Norwegian Air

Whether you want to stay connected during the flight, send messages to friends and family, watch your favorite shows without downloading them first, do work, after all, or play online games, then Norwegian Air — perfect choice for you. At the “Norwegian” there are no traffic limits, they do not count how much data you have used. So you can really stay connected all the way.


JetBlue — an airline that offers free Wi-Fi on absolutely all of its aircraft. Work, watching series and shows, ordering a taxi or delivering hamburgers — all this and more is available to passengers at an altitude of 10 000 meters without restrictions.


Emirates — an airline that has been repeatedly recognized as the best airline in the world, and one of the main reasons why passengers love it so much — free Wi-Fi on board. All passengers can get free 20 MB Wi-Fi. This is for starters. After all, if you like it, you can continue to use the Internet in flight by paying for one of the Wi-Fi packages.


Flight to Qantas — the best option for those who want to stay connected while traveling in Australia. Unlimited free Wi-Fi is available on any of their aircraft. All you need to check in and log in is your boarding pass. You won't be asked for a credit card number or even an email address.

Delta Air Lines

If you need Wi-Fi to keep in touch with friends, family or work colleagues during the flight, the Delta — just what you need. The airline offers free messaging on all of its flights. If you want to use Wi-Fi to watch online videos, web pages, online games or video calls, choose — a wide range of different and reasonably priced plans that you can pay for before you board your flight. 

More people today need to stay connected, so it's no wonder more airlines offer in-flight Wi-Fi . True, more often for money, and considerable.

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