Top 10 jobs with unexpectedly high salaries

Top 10 professions with unexpectedly high salaries

A salary of 100,000 RUB is considered very high, even by metropolitan standards, at least above average. It is customary to think that only managers (at least middle managers) or especially valuable specialists in narrow areas can count on it. But in fact, this is a stereotype: people in quite ordinary professions often earn more.

1. Auto mechanic

An experienced master in a car service is always in great demand. There are many amateurs and mediocrities in this area, and only a few specialists with golden hands. Clients sign up for them weeks in advance, and employers do everything to keep such nuggets. In Moscow, a good auto mechanic receives from 100,000 RUB per month.

2. Male hairdresser

The main thing for a hairdresser is to develop a client base. If this task works out, salons will be vying for a talented stylist who turns ordinary men into Hollywood beauties. In the barbershops of the capital region, such a specialist can earn from 100,000 RUB, as well as constantly improve his professional level at the expense of the company. How much do people earn on average in Moscow: Rosstat data. There is something to be surprised about.

3. Packing line mechanic

The mechanics of the packing lines for the packaging of fruits and vegetables suddenly also receive high salaries in the capital. It's all about specific knowledge and skills: you need to be well versed in complex equipment and monitor technological processes. As an added bonus, there is free food. This channel you don want­t to mute. Useful articles, whole news and  #bear bear of a tourist!

4. Electric train driver

The railway monopoly RZD promises electric train drivers a salary of 110,000 RUB plus an impressive social package. True, to fill this vacancy, you must have solid experience, be able to manage high-tech electric locomotives and work hard 10-12 hours a day. How much do pilots of the world's largest airlines earn: uncovering calculators.

5. Housekeeper

It is not easy to get a job as a maid in a country residence: domestic staff is usually selected through agencies, and applicants go through a very strict selection. But such vacancies involve free accommodation and meals. And good money. For example, the position of a housekeeper in a mansion on Rublevo-Uspenskoye Highway with a salary of about 100,000 RUB per month is a completely real vacancy.

6. Seller of furniture and lighting equipment

A gifted sales manager will make good money anywhere, but the “best” still prefer to sell expensive goods. In the furniture and interior salons of St. Petersburg, smart specialists go out to the amount of 150,000 RUB and more every month.

7. Drilling rig operator

To drill wells, it is not necessary to get a higher education, a secondary special education is enough. Physical strength and endurance come to the fore – hard work, there are few people who want to do it from morning to evening. Therefore, salaries are offered appropriate: in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, they are close to the same psychological bar of 100,000 RUB.

8. Internet Marketer

Digital marketing is the gold mine of the modern labor market. All kinds of content producers, UX designers, targetologists and SMM specialists are now making good money. You can unlearn the profession of the future at an online university: at the beginning of your career, the salary will be small, but over time, the average income can really be raised to 150,000 RUB and higher.

9. Nail service master

High-quality manicure and pedicure is a whole art. Anyone who owns it at a professional level will never be left without a well-paid job. Here, as in any service sector, everything depends on reputation: loyal customers will pass a good master “from hand to hand”. If you work from morning until late at night, you can earn an average of 80,000 RUB in a Moscow beauty salon.

10. An electric and gas welder

An electric and gas welder-shift worker who works at one of the industrial enterprises of Chelyabinsk is paid approximately 130,000 RUB per month and is provided with free housing. But this is a very difficult and responsible job. Plus, you need to have extensive experience and relevant education. cq/9s/cq9svv8g3egwsgwskcgw4kss8.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Top 10 jobs with unexpectedly high salaries

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