To the Crimea by car: a review about the rest in Yalta 20 years later

To the Crimea by car: a review about the rest in Yalta 20 years later

“This year we did not have time to get a passport, so Turkey and Egypt were not available to us, we had to choose from what we have. We wanted to relax on a budget, but in the Krasnodar Territory prices are now too high, and there are a lot of people. Crimea seemed to be a more acceptable option: housing prices are not high, there are few vacationers. This situation has developed due to the difficulty with the transport accessibility of the Crimea, the airport is closed for obvious reasons.

We decided to go by car. The cost of gasoline is approximately 7500 RUB one way, a day on the road (did not make long stops along the way). The bridge is very beautiful, we rode on it for the first time. Before that, we were in the Crimea and also in Yalta – about 20 years ago! About how Yalta has changed during this time – in the review of the reader of “Subtleties” Nadezhda Orlova. /9yjl7652ck8cg0o0oww8k88cg.jpg” media=”(min-width: 550px) and (max-width: 699px), (min-width: 960px)”>

To the Crimea by car: a review of the rest in Yalta 20 years later

Hotel Atlantida

First we stayed at the Atlantis 4 * hotel. An important selection criterion was a water park for a child, and here (according to the description) it is one of the best in the South Coast. The hotel is located in Yalta, more precisely, in Livadia. Covered parking is free for residents. From it you immediately get to the reception, everything is very convenient and thoughtful. We lived in this hotel for three days, and, despite the distance from the sea, it turned out to be great to relax here, it was possible to stay longer.1/1

The rooms are very clean, spacious and recently renovated. The interiors are tastefully decorated, we had a room overlooking the pool and slide. The only thing is that it would be nice to add tea cups to the rooms (there is a kettle, but it is inconvenient to drink from glasses), at least a few small plates and a microwave, as there are many vacationers with children. Or install it in a common area. By the way, there is no cooler either, two bottles of water are brought to the room per day. Well, a bathrobe and slippers would not hurt.

The infrastructure is thought out, everything is very compact and functional, all the slides worked, no queues. Even if there were queues in the afternoon, everything went pretty quickly. There is a “paddling pool” with a gentle entrance for younger children. A fun attraction for children: for speed, two people pump water into a cone-shaped bucket, the loser is poured with water from it.

Automatic cameras work on the territory and on the hills, you can buy photos in in any form, both paper and electronic. It is a pity that the most extreme rides do not have an automatic camera.

There is a transfer to the beach, but we did not go, because we came specifically to the water park for a couple of days and take a walk around the city, the beaches within the city always seemed not very clean. But I didn't see any dirt or anything with my own eyes. A lot of people swim. The hotel has delicious breakfasts, a cafe for a snack and a more expensive restaurant.


We dined in the city, we really liked Yalta. Stunning promenade, many cafes, a good level of service. The tour was taken on the street – in the bureau on the embankment, they didn’t read anything in advance, they just took the first one that came across. Everything went well, the guide was interesting, the groups were small. We visited both popular sights and back streets and old houses, saw the front streets and not so; no negative. It's nice to see how many areas of the city have become prettier and changed in 20 years.

Pembroke Hotel

The rest of the week of rest was spent in peace and quiet at the charming Pembroke Hotel in the village of Utyos. The hotel is small, the staff is attentive, the interiors are thought out to the smallest detail: for example, a bouquet of lavender in the room. Slippers, bathrobes, hangers, crystal cleanliness. If something does not suit you, the problem is solved instantly. You wake up from the sound of the sea, and the air here is simply magical.

Of the minuses – this is paid parking, 600 RUB per day, and there are no places where you can park your car for free.

Well, the electricity went out once in a week for about 6 hours (it's strange that the hotel does not have a generator). But these are trifles!

We had a wonderful vacation, we will definitely return to the Crimea. We are very much looking forward to the restoration of air traffic, since in any case it is not easy to travel by car, especially for some reason the way back is not easy.

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