Three features of Russian apartments that make them less comfortable. Swede's opinion

Three features of Russian apartments that make they are less comfortable. A Swedish woman's opinion

It's always good to look at yourself from the outside. Annika, a designer from Sweden who has been to Russia many times, shares her opinion about domestic interiors. Whether you listen to it or not is up to you. So, what are the design features that we are familiar with that make the space uncomfortable?

Passion for patterns and drawings

People in Russia love bright interiors, and this applies to almost all elements of home design: wallpaper, pillows, blankets, etc. Although the “grandmother’s” style carpets that adorned the walls of almost any Soviet apartment have long been in the past, many of us are still partial to showiness. Even if the wallpaper in the house is without a pattern, an attention-grabbing picture will definitely hang on the wall.

The abundance of such details makes the apartment memorable, but uncomfortable. Annika reminds us that plain surfaces can also be beautiful. 1/1

Love for brown

It can be considered another relic of the Soviet era. But if in those days buyers simply had no choice (for example, finding a wardrobe of a different color was not an easy task), now, with the modern variety of textures and shades, this love is difficult to explain. Probably, the fact is that brown is associated with security, which is why the Russians, who have experienced a lot of upheavals, are so close to it. Be that as it may, in a rare domestic apartment there will not be at least one element of coffee, beige, sand or any other shade of this color.

There is nothing terrible in craving for brown when it comes to roomy living space. But most Russian apartments are not oversized, and this color visually reduces the space. When planning the interior, do not forget that light and cold colors can also make the house cozy. 1/1

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A new friend is better than the old two

Annika notes that Russians have a negative attitude towards old furniture, trying to replace it with new ones if possible. Often this makes the atmosphere monotonous, because it is old things that create a warm atmosphere in the house.

Before throwing out an old closet or redoing the floor, you should consider whether they can be restored to give the space a unique look. Refresh without throwing away – this is one of the main principles of the Swedish interior. 1/1

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