They promise to open Japan in the fall, but no one gives guarantees today

They promise to open Japan in the fall, but no one gives guarantees today

At the press conference on the occasion of the completion of the 21st World Travel and Tourism Council Global Summit, the entire color of Japanese tourism gathered: Tomohiro Kaneko — Vice President of the Japan Tourism Agency, Makoto Watanabe — Executive Director of Japan National Tourism Organization Representative Office in Manila, Tadashi Shimura —  President of the Japan Travel Agencies Association, Hiroyuki Takahashi — chairman of JTB Corporation, and Shinji Shiota — Tourism Planning Manager Japan Airlines Co.

“Japan prepares to resume inbound tourism” — Here, perhaps, the main idea sounded at the Forum. Recall that today the country is partially open to students and business travelers, and last Friday the entry ban for non-resident foreigners from 106 countries was lifted.

dates for Japan's reopening, emphasizing that the government is “closely monitoring infection rates at home and abroad.”

However, everyone present expressed their confidence that the tourism sector will certainly recover, as Japan “remains the leading country that foreign travelers want to visit after the pandemic.”

“We will return strong,” — said Mr. Kaneko about the future opening. The Japan Tourism Agency is particularly interested in introducing and promoting lesser known regions, especially rural areas of Japan such as Hokkaido in the north and Kyushu in the south. The government stands ready to provide financial support for the development of high-end housing and to provide assistance to local tourism enterprises.

Mr. Takahashi actively promoted the forthcoming Tourism EXPO Japan 2022 in September, which aims to bring businesses and consumers together.

“Reliable source” said that Japan will reopen just in time for the mentioned exhibition, thereby opening up opportunities for foreign guests to participate and visit. 

In general, it remains only to wait for the official announcement of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kisids.

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