These secret words are spoken by the crew so as not to cause panic on the plane

 These secret words are spoken by the crew so as not to cause panic on the plane

Did you know that pilots and flight attendants in emergency situations use special code words that are incomprehensible to passengers so as not to cause panic on board? On the Quora question-and-answer service, users discussed whether they should be worried after hearing such words from airline employees. Here's how flight attendant Kevin Barrett, who has worked in aviation for 20 years, explains this issue.

Easy Victor

The phrase Easy Victor, spoken alone or as part of a sentence, means the need for urgent evacuation. It is not spoken over the speakerphone, it is part of the secret language of communication between crew members. In practice, Kevin heard these words only during exercises and writes that cases of emergency evacuation of the aircraft are extremely rare. It is very important who exactly pronounces the code: it is taken into action only from the flight crew. By the way, during an emergency evacuation, it is forbidden to take hand luggage with you: bags interfere with the passage and scratch the inflatable ladder. But according to the regulations, the crew has only 90 seconds to get people out. ru/sized/f550x700/1o/8d/1o8d3ws9hujo44kooo88g0w8o.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

 These secret words are spoken by the crew so as not to cause panic on the plane


This the formula, also known as the “shout”, is used in communications between pilots and controllers and serves as a signal that the aircraft has been hijacked or is in danger of being hijacked.


This is said when a life-threatening emergency occurs on board, such as an engine failure or a fire. This is a derivative of the French “m'aidez” meaning “help me” and is repeated three times at the beginning of the call.


This code also has French roots and comes from the word “panne” (“breakage”, “failure”, “malfunction”), it is pronounced three times for less serious emergency situations.

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