The tourist season in Greece this year will last until December

Tourist season in Greece this year will last until December

As soon as Greece lifted the restrictions on entry related to COVID-19, the flow of foreign tourists to the country began to grow. To date, six of the ten largest European resorts, which recorded the largest growth compared to 2019, are in Greece. 

According to the Minister of Tourism of Greece Vassilis Kikilias, Mykonos and Rhodes recorded an increase of 29 percent compared to the same period in 2019. Chania has increased by 26 percent. Next comes Santorini — plus 20% and Thessaloniki — plus 19%.

Other tourist regions of Greece are also seeing record increases in occupancy due to foreign travelers.

At the same time, German and French tour operators are requesting hotel rooms not only for the high months, but also for October, November and December. The Minister of Tourism even made an official statement: “The tourist season this year will end in December.”

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