The stewardess told what the signals we hear during the flight mean

 The stewardess told what the signals we hear during the flight mean

As you know, the fear of flying, also known as aerophobia, is largely associated with a lack of control. The passenger not only cannot influence the actions of the crew in any way – he does not even see what they are doing there in the cockpit. And then, from time to time, some strange sounds are heard in the cabin … there is something to get nervous about! The flight attendant of a major European airline told what the signals that passengers periodically hear mean. We hope this new knowledge will help you cope with aerophobia (if you have it).

At the beginning and end of the trip

Some sounds may have slightly different meanings depending on the type of aircraft, but the main signals are always the same. So, the signals reminiscent of a flight attendant's call, which passengers hear at the beginning and at the end of the flight, mark the end of the most important (and difficult) stage of the flight. And one more signal after the first makes it clear that the landing gear has been safely retracted, and the plane has entered normal mode. The first 3,000 meters of takeoff and the last 3,000 meters of landing are considered the most difficult of the entire flight.

Get Attention

Signals can also be heard when crew members need to talk to each other, but they are in different parts of the aircraft: this is how they attract attention. And three or four signals in a row mean that something serious has happened. For example, one of the passengers felt very ill or there is especially strong turbulence ahead.

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