The next version of the most influential passports in 2022 has been published

The next version of the most influential passports in 2022 has been published

A record 193 destinations to date time open without visa for citizens of Japan, 192 — passport holders in Singapore and South Korea.

According to the report, European and North American passports have recovered up to 60% of their pre-crisis mobility levels.

Most European countries are at the top of the rankings. Finland is in third place, followed by Italy and Luxembourg — 189 visa-free destinations.

In fifth place — four countries at once: Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden. France and the UK round out the top six.

The US, New Zealand and Belgium are in 7th place along with Norway, Switzerland and Belgium.

What about the other side of the ranking?


There are only 27 countries in the world that do not require Afghan citizens to obtain a prior visa.

Freedom of movement for Indian passport holders has returned to pre-pandemic levels, with unrestricted access to 57 countries. Compare with 23 destinations in 2020.

Russian passport holders are now more isolated from the rest of the world than ever because of the events in Ukraine. Despite Russia's 50th place in the index, Russians are practically deprived of access to many desirable and traditional countries to visit included in the index, due to temporary restrictions and airspace closures, which the index does not take into account.

< strong>The best passports as of July 2022 are: 

Japan (193 visa-free countries)

Singapore, South Korea (192)

< p>Germany, Spain (190 n)

Finland, Italy and Luxembourg (189)

Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden (188)

France, Ireland, Portugal, UK (187)

Belgium, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, USA (186)

Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Greece and Malta (185)

< p>Hungary (183)

Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia (182)

Worst passports in July 2022

Multiple countries around the world have visa-free or visa-free access on arrival to 40 or fewer countries. These include:

North Korea (40 destinations)

Nepal, Palestinian Territory (38)

Somalia (35)

Yemen (34)

Pakistan (32)

Syria (30)

Iraq (29)

Afghanistan (27)

199 passports were evaluated using the Henley Passport Index to determine how many visa-free places their holders could visit. Each time new visa regulations come into effect during the year, they are constantly updated in real time.

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