The Netherlands lifted the quarantine for travelers from non-EU countries

The Netherlands lifted quarantine for non-EU travelers

The Dutch government has issued a statement regarding the exemption from quarantine on arrival: “From 00:01 on 25 February 2022, persons traveling to the Netherlands no longer need to quarantine on arrival. At the same time, some other rules for travelers remain. 

Previously, quarantine restrictions were applied mainly to citizens of non-EU countries and arriving in the Netherlands from high-risk areas. However, taking into account the improvement in the epidemiological situation, the authorities have decided to relax the entry protocols for travelers from third countries.

However, there are other rules besides the quarantine, and they still need to be followed.

Netherlands currently requires tourists from third countries to fill out a health declaration and check for a valid vaccination certificate or a certificate of recovery . 

The vaccination certificate is only valid when entering the Netherlands if the vaccination has been carried out with one of the EU-approved vaccines within the last 270 days, or if the owner has received a booster dose of the vaccine.

No more than 180 days should elapse from the moment of recovery. 

That said, the Netherlands has already lifted all entry restrictions related to COVID-19 for travelers from the EU/EEA. Tourists from European countries can enter the Netherlands regardless of vaccination or recovery status. Therefore, citizens of the European Union and the Eurozone no longer need to present a valid vaccination certificate, a certificate of recovery or testing upon arrival in the Netherlands. 

In addition to easing entry rules, the Dutch have also lifted all remaining domestic restrictions on COVID-19 . 

Neither tourists nor citizens of the country are now required to wear a face mask. In addition, rule 1G has been abolished. This means that no one else needs to be tested to gain access to various public places such as bars, cafes, restaurants and events.

It remains only to follow the basic rules: wash your hands regularly and stay at home when occurrence of suspicious symptoms.

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