The most influential passports in the world as of 2022

The most powerful passports in the world as of 2022

Japan and Singapore

There is no doubt that Japan and Singapore continue to lead the way in the top most influential passports when it comes to freedom of movement. In fact, citizens of these countries are allowed visa-free entry to 192 countries of the world. 

Germany and South Korea

Close behind Japan and Singapore are Germany and South Korea, whose citizens have access to 190 countries without first obtaining a tourist visa. Naturally, those who want to live and work abroad must go through visa formalities, but for tourism travel with such passports, nothing else needs to be done. 

EU countries

Most European countries have signed the Schengen Agreement, which allows for the free movement of people. Thus, all movements within the Eurozone can be carried out without any restrictions, without visas and any number of times.  

Other Top 10 Countries

U.S. passport holders are allowed visa-free entry to 186 countries. Canada and Australia have the same visa-free package — 185 open destinations around the world that their citizens can enter without any need for a visa. 

Who is at the bottom of the list?

If there are the strongest passports, then there must be the weakest ones. These are currently passports issued by Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen and Pakistan. Given the conflicts that took place around the world, in the interests of international security, additional restrictions were introduced for the citizens of these countries. Of course, they can travel, but they have to go through a difficult process when it comes to obtaining a visa, even a tourist one.

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