The most common restaurant scams in Thailand: read and don't be fooled

The most common restaurant scams in Thailand: read and don't be fooled

Entrepreneurial employees of numerous cafes and restaurants in Thailand periodically check relaxed tourists for attentiveness, bringing them bills, the amounts of which exceed those stated on the menu. “The Subtleties of Tourism” talk about two of the most common tricks.

Trick 1. Little things

Many establishments sin by trying to cheat on the little things vacationing foreigners. Often the amount in the bill is 5-10% higher than it should be, according to the menu. Few people pay attention to such inconsistencies, and if tourists notice, they do not want to raise a scandal because of a small amount.

But sometimes you can face a much more serious deception.

Trick 2. Go Big

It happens that the final amount is much higher than originally stated. Tourists notice this and, as a rule, demand to bring the menu.

Of course, the waiters are ready for this: the client is brought a different menu, with completely different, higher prices.

Employees of such establishments are ready for a showdown and will not let you go anywhere until you pay a huge bill. How to be in such a situation?

You can take a picture of the menu with your phone and show the picture to the waiter. If that doesn't help, let them know that you intend to call the police. If this argument does not work, then you really have to call the servants of order. Keep in mind that they will only talk to you if you are sober. If you managed to have a good rest, then there are not so many chances to defend your rights – most likely, you will have to pay.

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