The most budgetary destinations with the most sunny days per year

The most budget destinations with the most sunny days in a year

The cheapest will cost a portion of the sun in the capital of Albania Tirana. The cost of one solar hour here is 5.88 US dollars. Tirana besides — one of the sunniest places on the planet. The average number of hours of sunshine per year — 3 452, or about 9.5 hours a day. 

The second most costly solar destination — Denpasar in the south of Bali, Indonesia. The cost of one “sun hour” is $6.78. The city sees an average of 3,138 hours of sunshine per year, that is, about 8.6 per day. 

The third most budget-friendly sunny city is the capital of South Africa Johannesburg. For one sunny hour you will have to pay 8.02 dollars here. With great weather throughout the year, Johannesburg — one of the best sunny holiday destinations in the world. Johannesburg receives about 3,334 hours of cloudless skies each year, which means just over 9 hours of sunshine each day.

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