The metro was laid right through a residential high-rise building: how do people live there?

Real estate prices in the house went down sharply after the residents of Chinese Chongqing found out that a subway station would be located right in it. But that was only at first. However, first things first.

Why right in the house?

The fact is that in Chongqing, located in the central part of China, there is a very dense building. During the construction of the monorail road, the architects got in the way of a 19-story building under construction, which, as it turned out, could not be bypassed, since there were steep hills on one side, and a river on the other. And to let part of the road underground did not allow the features of the soil.

It was then that a brilliant solution was found: to make the metro line part of a residential building at the design stage. To realize such a bold move, the Chinese invited engineers from Japan. The platform with a length of 150 m and the metro station are located inside the house, at the level of the 7th and 8th floors.

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What about the noise?

Since the subway was included in the design of the house even before construction, the engineers managed to think over the design so that the noise from the cars turned out to be no more than from the washing machine. The fact is that the wheels of the Chongqing subway are covered with rubber, so there is practically no noise from their contact with the rails. In addition, the upper floors of the house are structurally separated from the monorail system, although it seems that this is a single structure.

Now local residents say that the neighboring highway is much more inconvenient than the subway passing directly between the 7th and 8th floors of the building. The longest residential building in the world appeared in the USSR: it took 11 years to build.You don want to­mute this channel. Good articles, full news and #tourist bear!

What about the prices now?

What at first scared off potential buyers, now, on the contrary, attracts. Getting on the subway without leaving home is great. Now housing here is considered one of the most expensive in the city, and local realtors assure that, despite high prices, there are very few free apartments left. Similar projects were considered at different times in Hong Kong and Shanghai, but at the moment the house in Chongqing is the only one in the world through which the subway passes.

An attraction out of the blue

Around the unusual “metrodome”, which under other circumstances would have become just another high-rise building (and, by the way, far from the most beautiful), dozens of cameras, diligently catching the moment when the next train neatly drives right into the middle of a residential building.

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