The main tourist sins of Sergiev Posad

Major tourist sins of Sergiyev Posad

kdenis Small Sergiev Posad is not deprived of the attention of tourists: every year 1.5 million people come here. The only city near Moscow included in the Golden Ring is loved for its majestic temples of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, ancient churches and mansions, interesting museums, green parks and squares, peace and quiet. The picture would be quite idyllic, if not for typical Russian problems. What do the guests of the most touristic city of the Moscow Region not like? ex/wu/exwuwos8oc0so4gk4kog8w4c4.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Major tourist sins of Sergiyev Posad

Vladimir Pakhomov/ex/wu/exwuwos8oc0so4gk4kog8w4c4.jpg

1. Dilapidated and destroyed houses

Unlike many ancient cities of the Moscow region, in Sergiev Posad whole quarters of ancient buildings have been well preserved, historical monuments are being painted and restored. But at the same time, a stone's throw from the center there are a lot of dilapidated and abandoned houses that are not demolished or repaired. In some places there are burnt wooden buildings that have remained in this form for more than a year.

2. Trash

It is quite clean on the central streets and along the tourist routes, but in quiet lanes, not the most picturesque landscapes often open up. “There is a lot of garbage on the streets, especially in the private sector. There was a feeling that this was some kind of neglected village, ”a picky tourist from Moscow shares his impressions. “Garbage in reservoirs, in bushes, on roads and stops”, “Everything in the yards is overgrown with grass, in which there is garbage, puddles, broken paths, curbs,” other guests of Sergiev Posad develop the theme.

3. Uncleaned sidewalks

A winter walk around Sergiev Posad is another quest: the winters are snowy here, and public utilities are in no hurry to clean up the consequences of snowfalls. So both visitors and locals have to lay routes on snowy and icy sidewalks.

4. Congested roads

More recently, travelers complained about broken roads, but in 2020, most city highways have been repaired. But other problems remained: traffic jams at the exit to Moscow and on the main street, a lot of speed bumps, two railway crossings right in the center. Many do not like the noisy and polluted Red Army Avenue, laid in the very heart of the city. Some even propose to equip a large pedestrian zone instead, as, for example, in Dmitrov.

5. Expensive

There are many tourists in the city, and prices are also quite touristic: the cost of a hotel room starts from 2000 RUB per night, the average bill in cafes and restaurants is from 1000 RUB per person. “Prices for lodging and rent are inflated, meaningless trinkets for incredible money on every corner, expensive restaurants,” Alexandra from Vyborg describes Sergiev Posad.

6. Intrusive service

Not only the owners of hotels and restaurants, but also other enterprising citizens are trying to make money on travelers. In warm weather, photographers with monkeys, birds and other animals persistently offer their services, beggars and gypsies settled near the sights and souvenir shops.

7. Crowds and queues

Before the pandemic, the town was flooded with Chinese tourists: dozens of buses with guests from China parked near the walls of the Lavra, numerous groups filled churches and monasteries. But even without the Chinese, it can be quite crowded here – huge queues for the relics of St. Sergius of Radonezh in the Trinity Cathedral line up today. /” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

The main tourist sins of Sergiev Posad


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