The legendary Beverly Hills hotel celebrates its 110th anniversary

Legendary Beverly Hills Hotel celebrates its 110th anniversary

The Beverly Hills Hotel opened in 1912, before the founding of Beverly Hills — the city has grown just around this glamorous hotel. To this day, the iconic hotel remains at the heart of Beverly Hills' stellar community, dedicating all of 2022 to celebrating 110 years of its heritage, not only as the region's first official landmark and second home of Hollywood celebrities, but as an example of hospitality for generations to come.

In honor of its anniversary, the hotel will hold special events throughout the year for guests and local residents.

Declaration of love

Hotel asks guests to write their appreciation letter to the Beverly Hills Hotel on anniversary letterhead. The letters will go on public display in May before being archived as part of the hotel's rich history.

$1,912 McCarthy Salad

The Beverly Hills Hotel's most famous dish is the McCarthy salad, named after frequent guest and polo player Neil McCarthy. He was the captain of the local polo team in the 1940s. Once at the Polo Lounge, he asked for a rather strange set of ingredients, and his signature salad was born. The recipe remained untouched for decades. Approximately 600 McCarthy salads are sold in the hotel's restaurants each week.

Guests dining at the Polo Lounge from June to December will have the opportunity to taste the traditional McCarthy salad “total” for $1,912, the price is dedicated to the year the hotel opened. Waiters will arrive at the table in white gloves, and the salad will be garnished with gold leaf flakes, lobster, caviar and topped off with a bottle of Dom Peìrignon. The dish will be served on a commemorative plate made by masters of French porcelain. Guests can then take it home. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Los Angeles Conservation Fund.

Anniversary Drinks at the Polo Lounge

The hotel offers one of the following exclusive cocktails: 

Mary Pickford — rum, pineapple juice, luxardo maraschino, grenadine;

The Rat Pack — whiskey, drumbuie, creme de Violetta, lemon;

Elizabeth’s Chocolate Martini — vanilla vodka, godiva, cocoa;

Pink Lady — gin, Saint Germain, strawberry, lemon;

Grapefruit Soda grapefruit soda;

The Trailblazer (The Trailblazer) — martinis with olives and onions

Cocktails will be served at the Polo Lounge and Cabana Cafe from May 12 to October 31.

Manicure and nail art in Beverly Hills

The Beverly Hills Hotel & Spa recently unveiled a manicure package in their signature — from pink and white stripes to banana leaf print. Guests can indulge in a 60-minute Beverly Hills manicure followed by a custom nail art by one of our expert nail technicians.

Summer Movie Series

This Summer The hotel features a series of films set in Beverly Hills throughout its history. Among them: “Beverly Hills Squad”, “Hotel California”, “Beverly Hills Cop”; and many others. Guests can enjoy beautiful palm tree views while sipping craft cocktails and tasting upscale dishes. You can rent a poolside tent for six people.

Showing dates: Thursday, June 2; Thursday, July 7; Thursday, August 4. 

Guests and locals alike will be able to see the many images of Elizabeth Taylor photographed by Bert Stern on display in the lobby of the Beverly Hills Hotel from August 1 to September 30. Hotel commissions from the exhibition will go to the Elizabeth Taylor Foundation.

Known as the premier center of Hollywood, the Beverly Hills Hotel has become a favorite destination for generations of legendary stars and businessmen.

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