The flight attendant told what not to do in flight flight attendants

A flight attendant told what flight attendants should not do in flight

It turns out that flight attendants have long been banned from watching movies Or listen to music while you work. This, of course, was done in order not to lose maximum concentration even for a minute.

Another forbidden thing — chewing gum. Have you ever seen one of the crew members chew in the cabin?

And flight attendants never raise their voice — they just can't talk loudly or even laugh.

Next — more. Crew members are also prohibited from running around the cabin, because passengers, especially the most suspicious, may rightly think that “something went wrong.” So they walk, though briskly, but always “on foot”.

The next “taboo” — tips. Never and under no circumstances! Not a penny or a cent. On your next flight, you can try to thank the stewardess you like for delicious coffee, you will see everything for yourself.

Well, it is quite natural that it is forbidden to pronounce such words as “emergency”, “fire” on the plane; or “bomb” — passengers may “accidentally” hear and panic. 

But the lights in the cabin are turned off not so that passengers get a good night's sleep, but for another very important reason. In fact, the lights are dimmed so that the eyes get used to the darkness in case of an emergency or evacuation.

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