The cost of holidays will allow Turkey to become a top tourist destination in 2022

The cost of holidays will allow Turkey to become the main tourist destination in 2022

According to the analytical Turkey will become the preferred destination for budget travelers in 2022 as the cost of living rises across Europe.

GlobalData's new study on traveler spending patterns shows that the amounts spent by tourists in Turkish resorts , are relatively small, despite the fact that the average duration of rest — 9.7 days — second highest in Europe in 2021. 

Compared to the average holiday spending by foreigners in other popular tourist destinations such as Spain and Portugal, travelers who choose Turkey can actually save between $230 and $770 per trip. 

Experts believe that Turkey's market position will strengthen this year due to current consumer sentiment. In the GlobalData Global Consumer Survey in the third quarter of 2021, 58 percent of respondents said that cost is the key factor influencing travel destinations today.

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