The beauties of Abkhazia continue to amaze the imagination in the book “Lucky Coin”.

“The author skillfully weaves grains of fear into the mundane everyday life of travelers. Horror, like thunderclouds, begins to thicken over the main character. What is it: the consequences of trauma or something else?” 

Have you ever experienced the effect of presence while reading a book? Then you definitely need to get to know this story better. 

About the book: 
The most terrible beast to be afraid of is a man. It is he who can betray, kill, worship his own Ego, walking over the heads of others. Play with other people's lives. Do you think this is all for good causes or science? Not at all. 

The action takes place in Abkhazia, the small town of Pitsunda. Five friends went to a wild beach with tents. What could be better, right? Sea, sand, sun, at night conversations near the fire, with delicious wine. Perfect…. If not for the strange dreams of the protagonist. 

Volodya, a student who decided to take a break from everyday life with friends, begins to have strange dreams. White walls of the ward, strange doctors, hands in IV tubes. 
Then the dreams turned into reality. A white, beautiful horse, which only he saw. 
Terrible images of friends under water, or rather, images of dead friends. 

The farther, the more terrible. Loss of friends, mutated animals, tunnels in the mountains, death……. 

What happens to our hero? Why does he feel worse and worse after another “sleep”? The answers to these questions are in the book. (Nadezhda Kotova, book blogger)


You can read the author's book here:

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