Thailand named top travel destination for next six months

Thailand named top tourism destination for next six months

Sustained growth in international tourist flow began in Thailand from the second half of 2021. And in the first quarter of 2022, Agoda search data already shows a 500% surge in interest in the country's resorts. 

The main tourist flow this year is expected from Japan. Travelers from the Land of the Rising Sun, by the way, most often return to Thailand as repeat tourists. In second place in the number of potential bookings — US citizens, on the third — Singapore.

European markets are as follows: UK — fourth place, France — fifth and Switzerland — sixth. Rounding out the top 10 are South Korea, the Maldives, the Philippines and Indonesia. 

The Thai government has gone to great lengths to simplify the booking process through Test & Go, Sandbox and Thailand Pass. Nevertheless, it was not easy for tourists to independently understand the intricacies of each option, track changes in requirements and necessary documents. Agoda has integrated part of its system into the Thailand Pass platform to help travelers automatically upload booking data, reducing the chance of human error.

Once a user enters their booking ID, the system immediately retrieves all the required data and auto-populates the claim form. Customers will receive instant booking confirmation and clear instructions on next steps.

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