Thailand comes back to life, easing domestic COVID-19 restrictions

Thailand comes back to life, easing domestic COVID-19 restrictions

During – firstly, the number of territories with different security regimes from COVID-19 has been reduced to three: Open “pilot tourist zones”; marked in blue, “Surveillance Zones” — green and, finally, areas under strict surveillance — in yellow.

An article published this week in the Royal Thai Government Gazette expanded the representation of the Blue Zone provinces to from 12 to 17, and territories under strict supervision — “Yellow zones”, on the contrary, became less: 46 instead of 65. “Green”, that is, “quite normal”; 14 provinces are considered today. 

In each of the three zones, control over the manifestations and dynamics of COVID-19 will remain. But now peaceful mass gatherings and large-scale events are allowed in the Green and “Blue” areas in compliance with the rules for combating infectious diseases. In the “Yellow Zone” the number of visitors and participants must not exceed 1,000 people or 75 percent of the capacity of sports events.

To hold a group event in crowded places, you must first obtain permission, unless these events are not aimed at security public health and safety. You can easily gather in residential buildings, offices, at sports competitions and events organized by government agencies.

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