Switzerland voted “Yes” and remained in the Schengen area

Switzerland voted yes and remained in the Schengen area

From the referendum, The past 15 largely depended on whether Switzerland would remain within the Schengen area. The fact is that the leadership of Schengen has greatly increased the mandatory contributions for participants, and a number of Swiss parties have tried to prevent the growth of costs for the protection of the Schengen borders from the state budget. According to opponents of the increase in contributions, “the agency has been too often featured in reports of violations of the rights of migrants reaching the external borders of the EU.” In the event of blocking, Switzerland automatically left the association without fulfilling the financial conditions for participation.

What numbers are we talking about? In 2021, Switzerland's contribution to Frontex — European Union Agency for the Security of External Borders — amounted to 24 million Swiss francs, and by 2027 it should grow to 61 million, i.e. 2.5 times. More than 62,000 signatures were collected in favor of the referendum — this is more than what the Swiss authorities need.

Many welcomed the results of the referendum, talking about the benefits of free movement within the Schengen area. Preservation by Switzerland of a place in association — good news for the Swiss tourism industry as well, because the result of “No” and leaving the Schengen area would cost Switzerland the loss of millions of tourists annually.

About 5.5 million citizens of the country could participate in the referendum, but the turnout was just over 40 percent.

In the same The day the “Referendum on Organ Donation” took place. He also received the support of 60 percent of voters.  

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