Spirit Airlines passengers noticed the plane's brakes caught fire on approach

Spirit Airlines passengers noticed that the plane's brakes caught fire on approach

Passengers on a scheduled Spirit Airlines flight became nervous after hearing a strange noise overboard on the port side during landing. Frightened passengers jumped up from their seats and, clinging to the windows, noticed an open flame under the wing of their plane. This happened while landing at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson airport on Sunday, July 10. The smoke and flames intensified, the plane began to panic.

The flight attendants tried to regain control of the situation, literally forcing passengers to remain calm, take their seats and leave the middle aisle free in case of evacuation.

at that moment no one knew exactly what happened — this flame seemed to come from the engine.  The situation was saved by the fact that the pilots were able to stop on their own in the middle of the runway.

Atlanta firefighters arrived instantly and put out the fire. The plane was towed to the sleeve, and the panicked passengers finally left the car.

Spirit Airlines made an official statement: one of the aircraft's brakes overheated, which led to a fire, but none of the passengers were injured as a result of the incident .

The airline said in a statement: “The aircraft was towed to the gate, where passengers disembarked safely without any injury. Thank you to the Atlanta first responders for being so quick.”

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