Spain opens new high-speed rail routes

New high-speed rail routes opened in Spain

Last Friday, November 25, was launched iryo — another company that entered the Spanish high-speed train market. Before that, in 2021, the French Ouigo joined the state-owned carrier Renfe, which almost immediately launched its own low-cost carrier Avlo.

With the advent of iryo, three official competitors and four competing brands operate in the country.

Iryo is owned by several major players: Italian state rail operator Trenitalia, Spanish infrastructure company Globalvia and Spanish airline Air Nostrum.

Trenitalia brought trains to Spain: at least 20 Frecciarossa, or “Red Arrow” trains; — the flagship train in Italy, which can reach speeds of up to 360 km per hour. Italy's high-speed rail project was so successful that it played a part in the destruction of the national airline, Alitalia.

Iryo opened with flights between Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza, on December 16 they will launch a route between Madrid, Cuenca and Valencia. In 2023, an even greater expansion of the route grid is expected: March 31 — connections with Seville, Malaga, Cordoba and Antequera, and on June 2 — with Alicante and Albacete.

The company has signed combined ticket agreements with Cercanías suburban railways and Air Europa. It is planned to serve 30% of Spain's high-speed transport and serve about eight million passengers a year.

The trains have four classes of service: Inicial, Singular, Singular Only You and Infinita. Three of them are designed for business travelers, the company said in a statement, all seats on board will be equipped with USB and standard power outlets, individual armrests and free 5G Wi-Fi.

As for pricing. December tickets for the 600-kilometer journey from Barcelona to Madrid, lasting 2 hours and 45 minutes, start at just 18 euros. Most trips cost around 50 euros. A trip between the two cities on a conventional train would take more than six hours. TURIZM.RU

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