Spain introduces new digital nomad visas for foreign workers

Spain introduces new digital nomad visas for foreign workers

New visas will be offered to people willing to work remotely in companies located outside of Spain and earning no more than 20 percent of their income from Spanish companies.

The law has not yet been passed, but it is known that visas will initially be issued for a period of one year with the possibility of extension more than five years, taking into account the circumstances of the particular applicant.

The first information about the introduction of digital nomad, which will allow foreign citizens to temporarily live and work in Spain, appeared in January this year. It was emphasized that such a visa would greatly assist the Spanish economic sector, as well as help the country recover from the damage caused by the spread of the coronavirus and its varieties.

In this regard, the Minister of Economy of Spain, Nadia Calvinho, emphasized that “the digital nomad visa will attract and retain international and national talent, helping remote workers and digital nomads to settle in Spain.”

Applicants can use the Spanish digital nomad visa from outside the European Economic Area. They must have at least a year of remote work experience. In addition, candidates will be asked to present an employment contract as proof of employment in a company outside of Spain.

But that's not all. It is necessary to reasonably prove that the applicant is able to earn enough money to live in Spain. You will also need the address of the rental property. You may need a proof of criminal record.

Several European countries currently have digital nomad visa programs, such as Croatia, Iceland, Estonia and Croatia.

In January This year, the Romanian government introduced a digital nomad visa. To obtain a Romanian digital nomad visa, you must submit an application to any foreign consulate of the country.

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