Spain cancels 'Medical control form' on arrival for tourists

The news has been announced Spanish Ministry of Health, the decision officially came into force on September 20.

“From Tuesday, September 20, 2022, the Spain Travel Health (SpTH) portal, including mobile applications (APPs), will not work . No more need to fill out the “Medical Control Form” to travel to Spain or show the SpTH QR code at the airport of arrival», — said in a statement from the Ministry of Health.

Previously, a “Medical Control Form”, which indicated whether the traveler was vaccinated, recovered, or tested negative for COVID-19, as well as other information, had to be completed online prior to arrival in Spain for all tourists who did not have EU digital certificate.

Once travelers arrived in Spain, they had to present the document to airport or seaport officials in order to obtain permission to enter the country.

However, as the Spanish authorities have concluded that such a measure is no longer necessary to control the spread of COVID-19, this requirement has been removed. Thus, all travelers, regardless of their country of origin, no longer need to fill out any forms.

However, most recently, Spain extended the entry rules for tourists from non-EU countries until November 15.


They will still be required to show a choice of: vaccination certificate, health certificate or recent test results.

In addition, while in Spain, travelers are required to wear a face mask on airplanes and trains. But when visiting public places, this is not necessary.

Over the past seven days, a total of 19,080 new cases of coronavirus infection and 566 deaths have been registered in Spain.

86 percent of all adults of the population have now completed the main course of vaccination with two doses, and 66.1 percent of them received a booster vaccination.

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