Spain arrests 15 citizens who helped illegal Chinese obtain residence permits

15 citizens arrested in Spain for helping illegal Chinese with residence permits

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A criminal organization based in the province of Malaga provided false documents to its clients to fill out applications for residence permits.

During this operation, a total of 15 people belonging to a criminal organization were arrested: 9 in Malaga, 4 in Torremolinos, and one each in Madrid and Leon. All of them are suspected of committing crimes against the rights of foreign citizens, making false documents and money laundering.

In addition, the police seized and arrested in court cash, bank accounts and real estate in the amount of 1,700,000 euros.


The Spanish Interior Ministry said in a statement: “The investigation began in May 2019 with the arrest of a citizen of Chinese origin for the crime of false documents. As a result of further investigative activities carried out by agents, it turned out that numerous Chinese citizens living in the province of Malaga completed the procedures for their legalization through the same agency.

Careful analysis of files seized from lawyers allowed investigators to prove that the network provided false registration forms and social security data to its customers.

For example, several applications for residency for family reunification were found to be fictitious, as the applicants confirmed the relationship with their alleged relatives through false notarial deeds. The main documents were received by mail from the PRC, and it turned out that a simple statement of the alleged family member about the relationship was enough for a positive decision of the local notary.

It was also found that many recipients of these requests did not live in Malaga for a day and after the completion of the procedures, they immediately returned to their usual place of residence in other provinces or autonomous communities. 

After the investigation, the police operation ended with the arrest of the head of the organization and his subordinates.

In addition, according to two addresses in Torremolinos and Malaga City Agency were searched by the police, resulting in the seizure of 47,000 euros, 17,300 dollars and 4,120 yuan in cash, computers and mobile phones. At the same time, a bank account worth €35,000 and eight properties worth €1,600,000 were also legally frozen.

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