Sky-high secrets: what flight attendants are silent about

Secrets beyond the clouds: what flight attendants are silent about

Ever dreamed of waking up in a new place every day? For flight attendants, these are not dreams, but everyday work. And these weekdays are full of not only joyful events, but also real nightmares!

Passengers – even those who fly frequently – usually do not know what is happening behind the closed curtains at an altitude of tens of kilometers above the ground. service experts told us about the secrets shared by Viktor, a German airline steward. Victor has been working for many years, and an unimaginable number of curious cases have gathered in his “piggy bank”. Put “class” if you went on rest with under­pi­san­n­nil­ny karan­yes­shom che&#173 ;mo­yes­nom!

1. Some passengers are behaving strange

Once a guest took his Labrador on a flight, which went to the toilet right in the cabin. In fact, the worst thing is disrespect from passengers. Often they ignore instructions, do not say hello, do not take off their headphones when you ask for them. People who are on board an aircraft for the first time behave in a completely different way. When they, excited about the upcoming first flight of their lives, look at me with happiness and respect, I feel that I love my job. Victor, flight attendant of a German airline

2. Is the food healthy on board?

Rumors that airplane food is unhealthy and high in calories are only partly true. Today, most carriers offer balanced meals and refrain from using preservatives. And many airplane meals will surpass similar meals on the ground in quality. However, food in the sky may seem less delicious. According to a recent study by the American Psychological Association, aircraft noise levels can negatively impact taste perception. Why do you really want tomato juice on an airplane? Let's talk!

Before departure, you can contact the airline and find out about meals on board. Or take food with you, the main thing is that it is not liquid. On international flights, it's best to eat all your sandwiches on board and not take them out of the plane. At the airport of arrival, the stocked provisions can simply be taken away from you and thrown away if this is required by the legislation of the country.” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Cloudy secrets: what flight attendants are silent

3. Boring cliche: pilots and stewardesses

Is it true that there are often flings between pilots and flight attendants? Victor argues that this is in many ways the same stereotype as the stories about “the boss and his secretary.” He explains: “The average age of flight attendants in our company is 45 years old, and our oldest employee is 88. Often, age difference alone does not give a chance to this stereotype.”

However, in Russian and many other foreign companies, most often people who work as flight attendants are much younger. So, quite possibly, there is no smoke without fire. However, this is unlikely to affect the efficiency of work, because, according to the rules of aviation security throughout the world, there is no practice of assigned crews. This means that none of the members of the team leaving for the flight knows in advance with whom they will fly.

4. When to start being afraid?

Passengers on board hear many signals during the flight. But which of them hint that it's time to worry?

Serious danger means a triple distress signal and a flashing light at the front of the cabin.Victor

Victor has never been in a situation where such a signal was given. In an airline where a flight attendant works, the code word “cactus” is used in case of an emergency on board. For example, when the life of one of the passengers is threatened.

5. “Passenger Tsar”

The most important rule for passengers is to keep your hands to yourself. Even a light, characteristic touch can be seen as harassment. Better still, take your headphones out of your ears when the flight attendants begin service. People who shout over their own music and yell over orders for tomato juice not only piss off Victor, but most of the flight attendants.

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6. Suite for all

It turns out that it is not so difficult to improve the quality (and if you're lucky, the class) of service or get an extra serving of food. Victor explains: “Help fellow travelers and be friendly with the team. The crew will note this and will be happy to thank you.” If there is a problem with your seat, such as the entertainment screen not working, feel free to report it. But try to do it politely and without aggression, and then the crew members will be more willing to compensate for the inconvenience: they will transfer you to a business class, if possible, or treat you with a glass of wine.

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