Singapore Airlines lifts mandatory mask-wearing on most routes

Singapore Airlines has removed the mandatory wearing of masks on most routes

According to Singapore Airlines, masks will only remain mandatory on flights bound for destinations where masks are in effect.

Masks will no longer be required at Singapore Changi International Airport — now they can be worn at will, just like on an airplane.  

Like most Asian airlines, Singapore Airlines has enforced strict health regulations on all of its flights for two years, in accordance with government and medical advice.

Any passenger aged six years or older was required to wear a mask during during the flight and could only take it off when eating.

According to the new rules, masks are still required only in public transport and medical facilities.

Currently, the world confusion existsdue to differences in COVID-19 requirements. For example, in European countries. Passengers in Germany and Spain are still required to wear masks, while the Netherlands and the UK do not.

In Southeast Asia, masks are required everywhere except Thailand. They are mandatory in Australia, and in neighboring New Zealand — no. Canada maintains a “mask regime”, while the US has abolished it.

To clarify the current situation, Singapore Airlines promises to regularly update its website and promptly make changes to masks.

Experts note that all modern aircraft are equipped with high-efficiency airborne HEPA, which eliminates 99.97% of airborne microorganisms, including viruses and germs, and completely renews cabin air every two to three minutes.

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