Short-distance trains in Spain will be free in autumn

Spain's short-distance trains will be free in autumn

In a statement, the government stressed that this is a measure encourages the maximum and daily use of trains, which are a safe, reliable, comfortable, economical and sustainable form of public transport.

The new rules extend the law of June 25 last year, which already established a 50 percent discount on tickets.

Note that the 100% discount is only available for subscriptions, not single tickets, and these measures do not apply to long-distance trains and trains operated by other companies.

Thus, travelers from Barcelona, ​​Seville, Madrid and Bilbao who have purchased seasonal tickets are allowed free train travel.

In my opinion red Germany introduced similar measures — From June to August, public transport throughout the country is practically free. Passengers can make unlimited local and regional travel for only €9 per month.

As you can see, Spain has decided to go even further by making train travel on its Renfe routes completely free for four full calendar months.< /p>

Tickets will be covered by the new “contingency” tax. for banks and energy companies that profited from rising interest rates and energy prices. The tax is planned to be introduced in 2023, and in two years it can bring up to 7 billion euros to the treasury.

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