Seychelles has changed the rules for wearing protective masks on the street

Seychelles changed the rules for wearing protective masks on the street

Only after three months after allowing fully vaccinated international tourists to enter the Seychelles without presenting a negative PCR test, officials have lifted mandatory outdoor masks and temperature screening procedures at the entrance to public places.

However, a number of restrictions remained. So, both citizens of the country and foreigners are still required to wear masks on buses and other types of public transport: in taxis, boats and planes.

The General Director of Marketing of the Tourism Department, Bernadette Willemin, noted that that the Seychelles remains firmly committed to safe tourism. However, she is pleased that the decisions “in favor of tourism” have already begun to be accepted. “These new solutions are needed to bring us back to the top destinations for tourists from all over the world.”

“From July to September for Europeans — summer months, and for most also the vacation period. The Seychelles is following developments in various countries where travelers are no longer required to wear masks. The latest government moves are aimed at making the Seychelles more accessible and competitive as a holiday destination. So far, we have succeeded by practicing safe tourism. We will continue to encourage our partners to adhere to sanitary measures as we want to stay safe.

It has also been officially announced that the remaining restrictions on discos and mass events will be lifted from July 15, if no new ones are recorded by then outbreaks of COVID-19 disease.

As a reminder, all foreigners entering the Seychelles still require special insurance in addition to the usual medical policy, they are advised to book accommodation in certified hotels. In addition, all tourists must first apply for a permit to enter the country.

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