Serbia – traveling in 2021

Over a year, many have missed the cozy streets of Europe, the charm of old buildings and the polite smiles of local residents. For those who can no longer wait for the opening of European borders, we suggest going to the Republic of Serbia! 

What are we watching and doing?

Serbia is rarely seen in popular tour lists. Local attractions can hardly be called “promoted”, and the state has no access to the sea. However, the country boasts mystical buildings of the past, and ancient fortresses with monasteries, and thermal springs, and incredible mountain views! But first things first.

Serbia — traveling in 2021


Inspired by nature: Djerdap Gorge and Uvac Canyon

Serbia boasts an incredible number of lakes, nature reserves and national parks. One of the most impressive natural places in the country, of course, is the Dzherdap Gorge, which is located on the right bank of the Danube. It originates at the Iron Gates (the place where the river narrows), next to which stands the majestic fortress of the XIV century. Another item on the must-visit list is the canyon of the Uvac River. A bizarre snake that runs quickly between the rocks is not the only attraction of these places. Travelers can take a boat ride along the river itself, and even cross it on a thin suspension bridge.

Serbia — travel in 2021


Admiring the architecture: Belgrade and Despotovac

Do you like looking at bas-reliefs, arcades, or are you in awe of medieval buildings? Then you definitely need to stay for a couple of days in Belgrade and get lost among its sights. The Belgrade fortress, the construction of which lasted several centuries, will delight even those who were bored in history lessons. And the pedestrian quarter of Skadarlie will not leave indifferent any skeptic. Local exquisite mansions alternate with bright graffiti, the sounds of music here do not stop for a minute, and restaurants and taverns beckon with their smells. This place is a must visit! 

Serbia — traveling in 2021

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If you want solitude and silence, we advise you to go from the capital to the city of Despotovac, not far from which is the Manasia Monastery, built in the 15th century. Or you can kill two birds with one stone and visit two interesting places at once! Head to the Đerdap Gorge, where the 14th-century Golubac Fortress rises: enjoy both nature and Serbian architecture. By the way, the Ovcharsko-Kablar gorge is also famous for its diverse fauna and flora, in which beautiful monasteries are organically inscribed. 

Serbia — traveling in 2021


Relaxing and unraveling mysteries

Serbia can also please those who are already tired of long walks and hikes. Firstly, do not forget that there are a lot of thermal springs in the country, and this is the best place for spiritual rest and relaxation. There are complexes both under the open sky and under the roof, so at any time of the year you can choose a spa tour in this country, both in winter and in spring. Going to Serbia in March and April, while the temperature has not yet risen much, will be an ideal solution: you will have time to warm yourself at the springs and take a walk in comfortable climatic conditions.


In a country with such a rich history, one could not do without mystical and blood-stirring places. We advise you to definitely feel the mysterious spirit of the tower of skulls Chele-Kula and look into the Devil's City in the south of the country.

Serbia — traveling in 2021


What are we trying?

Serbian cuisine is a mix of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Austro-Hungarian tables. It's hard to imagine, but once you're in a local restaurant, you'll realize that it turns out that the Sacher torte can be great after a huge splash with a decent portion of vegetables. Baklava, kebab, kaimak, pita, plum brandy – isn't it happiness when everything is on the same menu? & nbsp;

By the way, in Serbia you can visit tasting rooms in local wineries. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to bar and gastronomic programs on tours around the country

Serbia — traveling in 2021


Peculiarities of traveling in a pandemic

< p>The Republic of Serbia is one of the few countries that is now open for visits by Russian travelers. However, the state still observes certain epidemiological safety rules. Each country has its own, so we recommend that you find out in advance what exactly awaits in Serbia. And we talked about other countries open for entry by Russian citizens quite recently

Serbia — traveling in 2021



In October 2020, Russia and Serbia resumed flights. True, direct flights are still carried out only from Moscow. 

Test results at the entrance

From December 2020, arriving in Serbia must have a PCR test statement with a negative result for COVID-19, issued no earlier than 48 hours before entering the country. It is important to note that the state does not accept the electronic format, the certificate must be printed. 

Wearing a mask

Alas, masks are  it is now part of our daily life, which is impossible to forget even for a trip. In public spaces and outdoor areas where it is impossible to maintain a distance of 1.5 meters, it is necessary to observe a mask regime. Don't want to wear? A fine of 50 euros. 

Quarantine measures

Grocery stores are open only until 21:00 every day, but cafes, bars, shopping centers sometimes close as early as 20 :00. Also, some places are difficult to get to because of restrictions on the number of people inside. 

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