Scientists have named the qualities that make people look boring

Scientists named qualities, which make people look boring

British scientists, and specifically psychologists at the University of Essex, conducted a kind of study aimed at determining the qualities of people, because of which they seem to be boring. The experiment took place in five stages, 500 people participated in it. All of them had to choose from a large list of personality traits, professions and hobbies those that, in their opinion, could characterize dull, boring and boring people.

Who are bores?

The majority of respondents felt that such people do not have a sense of humor, complain to everyone and everyone about their lives, are not particularly interested in anything and have no opinion about anything . According to the respondents, bores are fond of mathematics, regularly attend church and religious meetings. And in their free time they like to sleep or hang out watching programs about animals on TV.

The top “tedious” professions are accountants, analysts, bank employees, insurers and tax officials. tax officials. And for some reason, the list was supplemented by employees of cleaning companies. I wonder why?

Participants in the study admitted that they consider people with such qualities callous and devoid of spiritual sensitivity and warmth, as well as incompetent. And they would even try to communicate with them as little as possible, or even avoid them altogether.

True, psychologists have not been able to explain why a boring person, according to the respondents, cannot do his job well. After all, logically, it should be the other way around, especially if the work is also boring. Or are we boring?

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