Saving money on vacation is the norm. 8 life hacks on how to have a good rest on a minimal budget

Saving on vacation — norm. 8 life hacks on how to have a good rest with a minimal budget

The old and proven advice of experienced people – to buy air tickets in advance, to settle in apartments instead of a hotel, to make visas yourself and travel on your own without the help of travel agencies – are known to everyone. But what other features will help a reasonable tourist with a limited budget? “Subtlety” reveals secrets.

1. Across Russia — by car

A trip from Central Russia to the Black Sea coast or the Caucasus, taking into account fuel fees and travel on toll roads will be cheaper than plane tickets if two people travelor more. The same goes for any destination that can be reached in a day and a half without having to stay at a hotel. Long-distance travel by car is not only savings, but also the opportunity to see many interesting places along the way.

2. Don't forget about cashback

Rostourism regularly launches programs Travel Cashback – follow them and book tours, cruises or hotel stays with a 20% refund. The main thing is to be on time: recently, due to the great popularity, these programs are being phased out ahead of schedule.

3. Travel light

Almost all airlines have now switched to fare without free baggage, and a suitcase weighing up to 23 kg, which was included in the ticket price, alas, is a thing of the past. But the hand luggage allowance for many carriers is up to 10 kg. Try to keep within this weight to save on the flight.

4. Plan your airport transfer in advance

Taxi is the most expensive way to travel from the airport. Before departure, study the public transport routes in detail, see how to get from the arrivals terminal to the bus stop, train or metro station. Another option is to choose a hotel that provides airport transfers. Did you enjoy reading The Subtleties of Tourism? You know what to do 😉

5. Organize excursions on your own

The general rule “package is cheaper” in the case of excursions does not always work, and independent trips to attractions can be noticeably cheaper. Just find out in advance the cost of entrance tickets and travel and estimate. If you're lucky, you can join the tour group directly on the spot. Another thing is that good guides may not have free places in the group.

6. Eat at local restaurants

Such cafes and restaurants are usually located away from popular routes and do not look as bright as establishments for tourists. Go deeper into the city for a couple of blocks, turn off the central promenade onto a side street and you will find practically the same menu, only with price tags at least one and a half times lower. A small life hack: when walking through the streets during your lunch break, take note of the eateries where there are the most people. They are always the best.

7. Overnight travel instead of a hotel

If you are traveling to multiple locations, overnight train and bus transfers can make your trip more budget-friendly. Both in Russia and in other countries, it is better to take first-class tickets on buses, and compartments on trains. So you will be as comfortable as possible and will be able to sleep well.

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8. Be flexible – change routes and dates

Trips at the beginning and end of the season are much cheaper, there are fewer tourists in the resorts, and the weather is just as suitable in most cases. But you may not be lucky: you will have to swim in the cooled sea or get wet in the rain on the ski slope. Therefore, it is necessary not to be tied to a specific direction, but to act according to the situation. For example, consider less popular places or instead of a beach resort, take – and go on a sightseeing tour. .ru/sized/f550x700/8n/un/8nun63gku1c8wc4scs4wk0cc4.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Saving money on vacation — norms. 8 life hacks on how to have a good rest with a minimal budget< /p>

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