Saudi Arabia to launch the region's largest themed water park

The region's largest theme water park will be built in Saudi Arabia

The first one will be built soon in Saudi Arabia in the country and the largest water amusement park in the region. The megaproject will be implemented in Kiddiya — The future capital of entertainment, sports and culture, located on the outskirts of the Saudi Arabian capital, Riyadh. 

The Falcon project's master plan, with its many exciting water attractions, is redefining water theme parks. The park, covering over 252,000 square meters, will be open all year round. Guests will be offered to try themselves on 22 rides, and nine of them — unique. For the first time in the world, a combination of dry and water attractions will be implemented, as well as state-of-the-art competitive-level facilities for water sports enthusiasts, including the first ever surfing and rafting on inflatable rafts, as well as 17 catering and retail outlets.

Visitors will experience nine innovatively designed zones. Each reflects the character of the creature after which it is named. For example, dedicated to the aggressive snake Viper Canyon — one of the most exciting rides, while the Dub Grotto, symbolizing a curious, playful lizard, will become an energetic water playground for children.

Falcon designed the park so that 75 percent less water consumption is consumed in water attractions water compared to analogues in other water parks. Here, even rainwater will be captured, processed and reused.

The cost of building Qiddiya Water Theme Park — 750 million US dollars.

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