Rwanda cancels PCR tests for newly arrived foreign tourists

Rwanda canceled PCR tests for newly arrived foreign tourists

For passengers arriving at the International Kigali Airport, you no longer need to take PCR tests upon arrival. Tourists must provide only a negative rapid antigen test, taken 72 hours before the flight to Rwanda, and conduct a “control” test. express testing at your own expense. The cost of the procedure — $5.

Tests are not required for children under 5 years of age who are accompanied by an adult.

Strict "mask mode" canceled in Rwanda, however, being indoors, you will have to use personal protective equipment. This was previously announced by the Cabinet of Ministers of Rwanda.

All travelers going to Rwanda must fill out a passenger search form and upload a rapid test certificate before going to the airport.

On departure from Rwanda A fresh negative rapid test will only be required if required at the final destination.

Rwanda has seen a steady decline in new COVID-19 cases since early 2022. Rwanda is among the few African countries that have been able to vaccinate more than 60 percent of their population, overcoming the continent's vaccination hesitancy.

As of May 13, more than 9 million people have received their first dose of the vaccine, and 8.5 million people were vaccinated twice.

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