Russian airline S7 left the international alliance Oneworld

Russian airline S7 left the Oneworld international alliance

S7 Airlines — the second largest airline in Russia and one of two members of the global airline alliance. A number of Oneworld airlines, including American Airlines, Alaska Airlines and British Airways, have already suspended their cooperation with S7 on their own.

In a statement, a Oneworld representative confirmed the decision of the Russian carrier's withdrawal from the — the document entered into force on Tuesday, April 19, 2022.

Starting from this date, Oneworld benefits for passengers of other participating airlines will be suspended when flying with S7 Airlines. At the same time, Oneworld benefits ceased to be valid for S7 Airlines customers traveling on flights of alliance member airlines.

Here is the information message published on the S7 Airlines website:

< em>Due to the restriction of international flights, business interaction between S7 Airlines and the oneworld alliance has been significantly reduced. In such a situation, S7 Airlines and oneworld made a joint decision from April 19, 2022 to suspend the agreement. For passengers, the benefits of existing bilateral agreements between S7 Airlines and partner airlines remain. Privileges within the oneworld alliance will be temporarily unavailable. Miles are credited and debited as usual, with the exceptions described below. 

Temporarily suspended issuance of award tickets and accrual of miles by American Airlines from March 1, British Airways and Iberia from March 14, Alaska Airlines from April 8, 2022. 

Mileage refund requests for flights prior to these dates will be processed within 45 days. 

For all airline flights Qatar Airways has an option to earn miles, but has temporarily suspended issuance of award tickets.


Experts confirm that with today's, to put it mildly , small passenger traffic, changes for travelers will be minimal.

The S7 logo and information about its membership in the alliance has already been removed from the official Oneworld website.

S7 joined Oneworld in November 2010 and was considered as an important foothold for the alliance in the rapidly growing aviation market.

Before the February events, the S7 route network covered 181 cities and destinations in 26 countries x world.

While S7 pulled out of Oneworld this week, Russia's largest airline Aeroflot remains in the SkyTeam alliance.

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