Rules of Etiquette You Can Break Without Knowing It

Etiquette rules you can break without even knowing it

It would seem, who in our time thinks about etiquette? There are general rules of politeness that are intuitively understandable to a well-mannered person, and this is quite enough not to be considered ignorant and rude. But there are a lot of nuances of human behavior in everyday life that can both create a very pleasant impression of someone and hopelessly spoil it.

1. Posture is important

It’s hard to keep track of your posture – you constantly want to hunch over, hunch over or take a semi-recumbent position at your desk. Undoubtedly, it is more convenient and more familiar, but it does not look very aesthetically pleasing, and it is extremely harmful to health. A person with a straight back, straightened shoulders and a retracted stomach is not only pleasant to look at – he causes an arrangement even at a subconscious level.

2. Getting into the car

The rules of etiquette stipulate that you first need to sit on the seat and only then pull your legs behind you. All other options will inevitably lead to discomfort. Most people “get into” the car with one foot, which results either in hitting the doorway, or inconvenience in case of clothing that restricts movement.

3. Applause

It is necessary to clap your hands correctly at chest level. It is impolite to express your stormy delight with loud applause in front of your face or over the head of a neighbor sitting in front (for example, in a theater).

4. Courtesy

You need to greet acquaintances of your friends/friends when you meet: during a walk, in a restaurant or at an event, even if you do not know these people. Otherwise, there is a great risk of being branded as a gloomy and impolite person. Moreover, it is worth waiting for a mutual acquaintance to introduce the parties to each other. It is not customary to take the initiative in this matter yourself. o7/8lo7lgwp188wk4gk0k08wokwc.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Etiquette rules you can break without even knowing it

5. Glasses on the head

Wearing glasses on your head is allowed on the beach and only in case of emergency. For example, when you need to consider something. It is not recommended to use this accessory as a headband in the city; its place is in a bag or pocket. Moreover, you should not cling sunglasses to the neckline of a shirt, t-shirt or dress.

6. Caring for others

Loud music on your phone, watching videos on your tablet, or discussing your personal problems in public is a sign of bad taste and a demonstration of complete disrespect for others.

7. Hats

In modern society, a man no longer has to take off his hat in absolutely all rooms where he enters. It is perfectly acceptable to wear a hat or baseball cap in a store or mall, but in a bank, telecom operator's office, or other place that involves contact with staff, hats must be removed before addressing an employee.

8. Workspace

You can enter the office of a colleague and even the boss without knocking – this is an office space, not a personal space. It is enough to open the door and ask if you can enter.

9. Omnipresent gadgets

Leaving a smartphone in a conspicuous place while communicating with another person is a demonstration of disrespect for the interlocutor and disinterest in his person. The fashionable trend these days to dig into your phones while sitting at the same table in a cafe/restaurant should not become the norm for well-mannered people.

10. Etiquette in gyms

After using the bar, it is considered good practice to leave it in the lowest position and without additional weight discs, so that it is easier for the next person to lift it and he does not accidentally get injured if the weight is too large.

11. Away

It is unacceptable to take the owner's towels. You should always ask what kind of towel you can use. Before receiving guests in your home, it is better to take care of this in advance.

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12. Women's bag

The right hand is considered intended for social contacts, it should be free for a handshake. Although women for the most part do not shake their hands during a greeting, the rules of etiquette still require carrying a bag on the left shoulder.

13. At the table

You can not sit down at the table, and even more so start eating before the owner. It is also not customary to rub your lips with a napkin with all your might, it is only allowed to blot your mouth with it. And finally: butter, jam or sauce must first be transferred to your dishes, and then spread on bread. So the crumbs will not fall into the common plate.

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