Restrictions at London Heathrow Airport could be extended until 2024

London Heathrow Airport restrictions may be extended until 2024

Today's restriction on passenger departures are 100,000 per day. It was originally scheduled to be filmed on September 11, but was extended until October 29 last week. Now they promise to keep it in force for another 18 months, that is, until 2024. According to Holland-Kay, “this process is not fast, it will take from 12 to 18 months, and not only at Heathrow.”

Specialists note that since the introduction of restrictions, that is, from July 12, at the airport there was a “significant improvement in productivity, punctuality and quality of baggage handling improved.

Initially, this plan baffled many major carriers, including Emirates, who accused the airport management of flagrant disregard for airlines.

Heathrow responded by doubling the limit on flights while warning carriers that they could face lawsuits if they didn't ease the burden on airport services.

As a result, Emirates made concessions by withdrawing part of its flight program from Heathrow.

Despite all the negative aspects for the airlines, a bold plus appeared — financial. Now they can demand more money for tickets with a limited number of seats.

But no one thought about ordinary travelers.

Heathrow — one of the many airports facing a string of major strikes throughout the summer. And in British Airways itself, existing pilots may quit en masse in the coming months.

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