Rest in Russia: the most picturesque beaches in Crimea

Having a rest in Russia: the most picturesque beaches in Crimea

To have a great rest on the sea, it is not necessary to go far. On the Crimean coast, for example, there are more than 500 large and small beaches, ideal for relaxing. We have chosen for you the most beautiful views, clear sea and even completely wild places where there are almost no tourists. Enjoy!

Cape Tarkhankut

The beaches of Cape Tarkhankut on the western coast of Crimea are rightfully considered one of the cleanest on the peninsula, as they are far from popular tourist routes. The sandy coast is surrounded by the Atlesha cliffs, where Amphibian Man and Pirates of the 20th Century were filmed. Clear water and underwater caves also make Cape Tarkhankut popular among divers. There are few tourists here, because getting to these places is not so easy, but Tarkhankut is definitely worth it.

How to get there: from Simferopol by bus to the village of Olenevka. Then 5 km walk east along the sea.

Golden Beach (Feodosia)

“Golden Sands” – this is how this beach is also called – is the main pride of Feodosia. The beach stretches for 15 km in length and 100 m in width, so, despite the high popularity of this resort, there is enough space for everyone. The entrance to the sea is soft and gentle, it is safe to come here with children. For adults, there are catamarans, volleyball courts, bars and other entertainment. And the sand on the beach is really beautiful golden color. They say that it is very useful for strengthening blood vessels and lymph nodes. Is it really? Not yet proven. However, this does not matter: at least the golden sand is beautiful.

How to get there: to Simferopol, then by bus to Feodosia (about 120 km) and from there by minibus to the village “Beregovoe”.

Cossack Bay, Cape Khersones (Sevastopol)

Cossack Bay is located in the southwest of the peninsula and is surrounded by the sea on three sides. In this area there are holiday villages and military units, and the beaches are mostly very uncrowded. The bottom of the sea is rocky, the beach itself is pebbly, and the main advantage of these places is silence and beautiful landscapes. Of the entertainment – a dolphinarium, and most importantly – a yacht club. If you have a management certificate, you can rent a yacht, and without it, you can also rent a yacht, but with a captain, and arrange a luxurious boat trip.

How to get there: from Simferopol, you will first need to take a bus to Sevastopol, and from there – by minibus to the Mayak-1 or Mayak-2 stop.

Lisya Bay (Koktebel)

Lisya Bay is called the “Crimean Goa”. It is located not far from Koktebel, and mainly young people come here. The beach is wild, people live in tents right on the shore, swim naked, listen to reggae and drink Crimean wine by the fire in the evenings. If you are attracted to Rastaman romance, then you will not find a better place to relax on the entire Black Sea coast.

How to get there: to Simferopol, from there by bus to Feodosia or Sudak, and then by any bus that goes to the village of Shchebetovka. Here you need to take the third bus on the route – to the village of Kurortnoye, and there you can walk to the beach. /” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Resting in Russia: the most picturesque beaches in Crimea

Tsarsky Beach (New World, Golubaya Bay)

Another wild beach is located 7 km from Sudak. It is called Tsar's because at one time Nicholas II liked to come to rest in these places. The nature here is very beautiful: groves, many small bays with emerald water, rocks and very picturesque views, which were once chosen by many Soviet directors as scenery for their films. In particular, many scenes of “Pirates of the 20th century” and the film “Three plus two” were filmed here. The tourist infrastructure on the beach is at a minimum, as in Fox Bay. Tourists live in tents on the shore, but bathe already dressed and do not have parties on such a scale.

How to get there: to Simferopol, from there by bus to Sudak and 7 km along the serpentine on foot or by minibus.

Jasper Beach (Cape Fiolent, Sevastopol)

A very romantic place not far from Sevastopol. It got its name due to the fact that earlier jasper was often found here. And now the sea often throws these red pebbles ashore. Nearby are the ruins of St. George's Monastery, which adds mystery to the landscape. The beach itself is pebbly, the bottom is rocky, and the water is emerald. A few years ago, there were practically no tourists here, because the only way to get to this place was by walking along a staircase of 788 steps. At present, everything is much simpler, there are more tourists, but compared to other Crimean beaches, it is not crowded here even in the high season.

How to get there: to Simferopol, from there to Sevastopol, and then there are two ways. The first one is not for wimps: go down on foot along the same stairs from the St. George Monastery. The second one is for the lazy: take a minibus from Sevastopol to Balaklava, and then take a boat that will take you straight to the beach.

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