Portuguese authorities warn passengers of a three-day strike by aviation workers

Portuguese authorities have warned passengers about a three-day strike by aviation workers

According to local media reports, tourists planning a trip to Portugal at the end of August may experience flight delays or cancellations. Reason — civil aviation workers from the Civil Aviation Workers' Union of Portugal (SINTAC) as well as the Commercial Aviation Staff Union (SQAC) are planning to strike between August 19-21. Thus, airport workers will strike for three days, and the action will take place simultaneously at several airports in Portugal.

Another conflict erupted after the union rejected the conditions of the airport management, including a reduction in wages in total by 30 percent.

“Only through this strike can we achieve social justice and respect for workers' rights,” — trade unions noted.

Civil aviation workers also said they are calling on the Portuguese authorities to increase their wages, as well as provide better working conditions.

Trade unions accused airport operator ANA of not paying decent wages, despite making big profits.

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