Popular resorts in Spain and Portugal lack 200,000 staff

The popular resorts of Spain and Portugal lack 200,000 attendants

Tourism business owners are offering more and more incentives to job seekers to try and recruit new employees.

Experts estimate that approximately 200,000 vacancies need to be filled urgently in the most popular resorts across Spain.


Thousands of workers left Spain and Portugal when international travel was halted due to the pandemic, and many of them have not returned since.

Employers are now ready to accept wage increases , free accommodation and cash bonuses, just to get people to work.

At the same time, many former employees decided to move to other industries, so you have to start almost from scratch.

According to official figures, the wages of staff working in bars and restaurants have increased by 60 percent, but the tourism industry is still one of the lowest paid.

< p>Employee shortages are particularly problematic in Spain and Portugal, where tourism accounted for 13 and 15 percent of GDP respectively before the pandemic.

Both countries have also found it slightly more difficult to recruit qualified staff in the UK post-Brexit. The tightening of restrictions on hiring seasonal workers in the UK has meant that Britons cannot fly to Europe and help fill employment gaps as easily as before.

Problems related to understaffing of accommodation facilities and other tourism infrastructure are on par with others, including possible strikes by airport staff and numerous flight cancellations.

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